21 June 2013

Mattaw 360: Day Nineteen

Well, we are having some major internet issues around here!  Just to give you an idea of what I mean... we have internet in our house but it takes weeks for someone to repair it if something goes wrong.  We finally had someone show up to take the internet box back to their office but when someone different came back with it, they didn't bring the plug to turn it on and someone lost it.  In town, the only place we usually eat has wifi but that hasn't worked for us.  Then we have internet in our office and that has been out as well.  Then there's my phone that I can put credit on to shoot off wifi which is how I'm posting this blog but for some reason I can't get on the Mattaw website with it.  SO, there's that!  You just never know what the day will hold around here!  So bare with us as the 60 days around Mattaw is making a stretch into more days that planned :).

Today we're sharing more about the team that was just here to give you more of an idea of what teams do.  We will then start sharing more with you about our house parents and specifically which children are in which house.

Our first team for the summer was a team of 19 from Mississippi.  Although that sounds like so many people, if the team leader is great and the team is well prepared and trained, 19 people is very helpful to have around Mattaw!   This team was so great and very servant hearted.  They were constantly willing to help wherever they could.  On Sunday they joined our church fellowship and several shared what an impact it made in their life.  Sunday afternoon they started their activities they brought to do with the children.  One lady on the team is a elementary P.E. teacher and was able to get 30 cup stacking sets donated.  There's like a whole worldwide league that does cup stacking competition.  With all the rain rolling in, it makes for a great afternoon inside activity.  They also split into four groups and rotated the children into different activities.  One group did music.  There was a music teacher in the group.  They taught the children four square.  One group did sidewalk chalk and coloring books.  And another group did crafts where they made boats with bible verses on it.  Monday morning we took them to meet our girls at the rescue home.  We then took them to Kitale town where we split them into three groups to walk around town.  Most of them picked out material and were measured to get African skirts or shirts made.  Some bought swahili bibles.  Others went into the local grocery store to buy snacks and tea.  The tea here is wonderful.  The coffee is not!  Unfortunately, all the high grade coffee beans are exported out of here.  Kenyans drink tea not coffee, so it makes sense.  Monday afternoon they split into groups again.  The six adult women in the group went with Christy and I to the widows meeting where they handed out bags to the ladies.  That was such a sweet time as always.  I was especially loving the testimonies the women were so eager to share of all God has been doing in their lives.  Tuesday morning they went to a nearby public school where they shared songs, encouragement and candy with over 700 children.  Tuesday afternoon they split into groups again and did different activities.  Wednesday morning there was a local craft market where they could buy touristy stuff for souvenirs or gifts.  The rest of Wednesday they hung out with the kids as it was their last day at Mattaw.  They passed out new school socks, pillow case dresses for the girls and beanie babies.  We also had a birthday party for six of the children.  After the party we spread out into a circle in our church building where we did songs and goodbyes with the visitors.  There was not one dry eye on the team as they shared how much they were impacted by the whole Mattaw family and did not say goodbye but "tuanane" meaning "see you later".  It's crazy how in just a week, God can make a group fall so in love with our kiddos.

It was neat to hear them share the story of how their group was formed.  There are two young college students on the team that had never been out of the country but had a desire over a year ago to do missions in Africa somewhere.  One connection after another led them to Mattaw.  One of them shared with their mom that they wanted to get a team together to come and at first it just seemed like a good idea but after weeks of talking about it everyday, it became a reality.  So the mom was signed up to be the team leader and soon a team was formed from two main churches in their small hometown.  They spent a year preparing for this trip and you could tell Jesus worked so much in each life.  It was a great first team to kick off the summer!

Ball they make from trash and string

Candy for the school kiddos

Cup stacking at school assembly

The children were SO excited for new school socks

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Kelvin!

Dancing song to say farewell!


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