06 May 2013

Home at Mattaw

Hey y'all,

Haven't had a chance to update from here on the ground in our home in Kitale. From power outages to settling in, it's been busy! So good though. And then ended up in the hospital with Ezra for two nights. Praise Jesus who healed my baby though. We went on a Friday with pnumonia and out we came Sunday healthy and happy. I went in sad, mad and frustrated but God was sure to turn it all for good. More on that later but we are all back home now :). Before he was sick, we had a wonderful welcome back out with our Mattaw family. We all expressed how much the time apart just made us all love each other more. We are incredibly thankful for all The Lord has done and going to do in our midst. He is so so faithful. We have seen our mattaw family grow and unite even more. And I was so thrilled to meet our newest boy at Mattaw, Isaac. What a sweet little boy. Odd to come back and see a child I hadn't met yet so at home and obviously very much part of the family now. Our house parents are awesome! I'll be short and let the pictures tell you how happy our kids are to be back. The one of the kids in a circle is our mattaw children singing and welcoming us back.


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