19 April 2013

Put a smile on...

In less than a week we get to go back to the place we now call home.  Praise God, yesterday we had our follow up appointment for Ezra with the heart Dr. and everything is just perfect!  He is healthy and whole.  Prayers answered.  Thank you all that have prayed and stood with us believing.  

There's a lot of excitement in our family as we daily talk about all the things we've missed and look forward to.  The simplicity, chapati and chai, Mattaw, safaris, our home, our friends, and the list goes on.  I thought I'd share a few faces we are thrilled to get back to that'll surely put a smile on your face too...


Sheila, one of Caleb's sisters.  Her and their other sister Bilah just started high school this past January!  So it'll be great to go back and visit them at their new school. 


Isaac.  Who is a new child at Mattaw and I haven't gotten to meet yet! 

And these two!  Can't wait to see how much they've grown!  

And our newest son that we had just brought in right before coming back to Texas.  This is Joseph, our son Ian's brother.  I hear he eats as much as Ian did when we first brought him into our home.  I'm excited to get back to my kitchen, gotta get back to the mindset of cooking for three teenage boys again!

And then there's the 80 other children and 30 staff that we can't wait to be back with!  Family-we're coming quick!   

Then there's the sad part of us going back to Kenya.  And that's saying bye to our family and friends here.  This will definitely be one of the hardest times going back.  We've grown so close to our Garden church family and will SO miss them.  What a mighty group of laid down lovers of Jesus!  What a blessing to have this support/foundation/covering.  Thank you Jesus!  And then the grandparents.  Oh how I've loved having the kids grandparents here.  What a sweet time its been for our kids to grow close to them.  And then there's them Caldwells... nope... not even going to go there yet or the tears just might not stop!  

This trip here wasn't what we thought it'd be.  A few tough trials to go through you could say huh?  But Jesus turned it all for good.  We've grown closer as a family and praise God for all he has done.  There were MANY I had hoped to see and hang out with more and that just didn't happen!  God knows.  We love y'all.  Now off to packing and soaking up the last days with those we love...


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