02 March 2013

Bud in Kenya

 Howdy hey, just a quick update.  Bud is in Kenya!  Hooray!  We haven't said anything publicly because he surprised our kiddos there.  It was a sweet sweet home coming for him.  Since Ezra will have surgery soon, it delayed our return home to Kenya by a bit.  So in the mean time, God directed and sent Bud back for a few weeks to check in on everyone and take care of some stuff.  All is going GREAT!  Praise the Lord.  Of course, the kids and I are longing to be back but are learning once again to be content where we are for now.  God is sure faithful in every step.  Bud arrived a few days ago and has been sending me some of the most wonderful photo updates!  It's made my heart ache even more to be back with our Mattaw family.  Im incredibly thankful just to see in the smiles what a huge work the Lord has done in our children since we've been gone.  I can take a deep breath knowing this is God's work and His vision and it doesn't rely on us and our flesh!  Phew!

I've received many photos so just wanted to at least share a few real quick.  It's hard to narrow down to just a few but here's some that made my heart melt!

Bud with our sons, Joseph and Ian...

And Bud again with our other son Daniel... and Joseph again.  Remember Joseph is the boy we brought into our home a few weeks before leaving to come back to Texas.  The three boys have been living out at Mattaw until we return but they were so thrilled to get a few weeks at home with Bud for now.  Its incredible to hear what a transformation has taken place in Joseph. He was out fending for his life in the desert, herding livestock around trying to avoid cattle raids.  Now he is given the opportunity to go to school and live in a safe and loving environment.  He has learned what a family looks like and Bud said he's been very attached to him since the moment Bud arrived at Mattaw.  I'm so thankful for our Mattaw family and how they have continued to be family while we were away.  I've gotta say, we have the BEST house parents in the country!

And our three musketeers, Moses, Junior and Emmanuel.  Oh my.  What a beautiful smile Moses has!  The best smile I've ever seen on this boy.  Yep, the picture says it all.  They are loved, redeemed and restored.  Well, and a mess.  I wouldn't be surprised if they just had a bath 10 minutes before this picture then went right to being dirty.  Boys will be boys no matter what culture!

And just because, I have to throw in an updated picture of my youngest boy :).  He just started smiling more a few days ago!  And he also let us know he's got the cutest little dimple.  Oh I'm in love.  Again. Yes, waiting here a little longer to get him healthy and fixed up is so worth it.  Especially with that smile.  


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