22 August 2012

Our last family picture... for awhile....

Well, Caleb is gone.  We sent him off Kenyan style.  Saturday night we had a big party at Mattaw.  We watched three movies on our new projector in our new building.  We then roasted three goats (they were delivered to us alive) and had that with chapati.  We ended the night with dancing, singing and many speeches from our staff and children to Caleb and Jordan.  It was a sweet and fun time for them.  Caleb has impacted our Mattaw family so deeply and will be missed so much.  Sunday morning we had a great sending off service for him and jordan.  I knew the Lord had told me we were to set apart Caleb and send him off as the Mattaw church body.  We were his family sending him off to America.  He's not just going to college, but his higher calling from God is to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  We were all teared up as I shared his story and gave our Mattaw family the big picture of what a powerful story this is.  See, Caleb's story actually represents many.  He was abandoned, mistreated and had no voice in the world.  But one thing I know is he was faithful to God and when given the opportunity to excel in school, he took it.  He set his eyes like flint on the task at hand through high school and did not waver.  He won't like me sharing this, but Caleb didn't give any attention to having girlfriends in high school.  He stayed focus and graduated top of his class.  We couldn't be more proud of him.  So I shared Sunday morning how Holy Spirit showed me that this sending off to America is a restoration of his life.  God restoring his voice in the world.  Caleb is so gifted.  He is loved by everyone he meets and has a way of brining a smile to anyones face.  And because he didn't let his past effect his future or define who he is, God has provided in mighty ways for him and brought him to this place.  I felt it was very important though to point out it has nothing to do with going to America, but its Caleb being obedient.  That the destination is not as important as the journey and being obedient.  I was sure to point out that America will not solve your problems or make your life better, as that is a common misconception here.   I had the house parents come up and Bud and I with them all laid hands on Caleb and Jordan and we prayed as the Lord led.  It was beautiful!  God is good.

Also, getting his student visa was a bit complicated and he didn't get it until the day he flew out.  So we didn't put the word out on needing to raise funds for his plane ticket until we knew for sure he was going.  So if you'd be willing to help him with this, please contact us, bud@mattawchildren.com.  We are so thankful though that there is a family who is providing funding for his college his first year!  God provides wherever He leads you to.  Oh, He is so faithful through this all!  


Jessie Roberts said...

Well America is gaining a wonderful guy Kim!!:)

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