04 August 2012

Elisha at 4 and a 1/2

Well, its about time I update the grandparents on our little Tarzan.  I know, he wants to name the baby that but I think its because he knows his name should have been Tarzan.  (as i type this, he is trying to lick my arm and face. why?  i have no idea.)  Here's a little update so I can remember what he was doing at four and a half years old.  Trying to soak up this stage, I know it won't last long.  (but wiping off the slobber, not soaking that up)

Four has been a fun age with him.  No doubt it has brought on a new load of challenges, making me feel like we have no clue what we are doing.  But with Jesus guiding us, we have survived some pretty big storms and freak outs, being more prepared for the next ones.  He really is so super sweet and will come up and kiss my cheek out of no where.  Just when he knows mama needs one.  His favorite sport is football right now.  Don't tell him its soccer, he will be sure to correct you.  He loves to dance, he has learned his moves from his big brothers.  He loves his sister, but doesn't always show it.  They are at a great age now to play games with each other.  And make each other scream.  Loudly.  He's learning more in school than he tells me.  When I'm not around, he can speak fluent swahili.  His favorite dvd to watch is still any with super heroes.  We are still working on the reality that they are not real but Jesus is, and Jesus is the biggest super hero.  Usually he gets it, especially at night when he's scared and will ask Jesus to be his super hero and help him not to be scared.  I'm so thankful for how healthy and strong he is.  It's a miracle that he can run around in the mud and sludge barefoot, be around kids that are sick, and wrestle with dogs that have who knows what and still be so healthy.  Praise God for that!  What else... his favorite food is pancakes, cheese, passion fruit, apples, chocolate milk and candy.  And he will still cuddle up and watch a movie with me.  I hope he doesn't phase outta that for awhile.  It makes up for those outrageous tantrums he throws.  Lets just say he is a passionate kid in every area of life.  I'd like to not speak over him that he's strong willed, that tends to bring negativity.  Our life would be pretty dull without him!  I'm pretty crazy in love with him.         

 And just had to throw this one in here.  Just a cute picture Claire with one of her Mattaw brothers, Johnny


NeNe said...

Can't wait to meet him ( again). He grows into a whole new boy between our time together!

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