21 July 2012

Garden team

So many updates, where to begin.  It was good to come home from Denmark to the family.  It was one of the most amazing week though, being in Denmark and seeing the Lord fall and move on all there.  Sure did miss my hubs and littles though.  Anna and Keela did AWESOME at helping Bud.  Our three sons of course are always a big help.  My heart is so full and overwhelmed with His goodness at the moment, I feel anything I write will be a sloppy good mess.  This year just keeps getting better and better... in marriage, with children, at Mattaw, every area.  We just had the Garden team out this past week.  It was a quick trip out since they had been to Denmark and other places in Kenya, but God can move in powerful ways in a short time.  That was sure proven through them.  Those they prayed with, imparted to, and set apart are still testifying and glorifying God.  So thankful to see our Mattaw family bloom.  One of our mamas was healed up instantly from malaria, praise God!  Some had some deep trauma healed up from.  Many had a fire lit under them.  The last day they set apart our house parents into the callings on their life... Ephesians 4:11... for the equipping of the saints and work of the ministry.  So order came to our church and life was breathed into some of our staff that needed it.  Many delivered and set free.  I'm just more in love with Jesus than ever before.  Thrilled to see what's ahead.

In other news, I'm kinda repeating myself from a blog I just posted on our Mattaw website.  We are now for reals getting our website edited.  More of our heart put in it, with the vision and mandate clearly put.  Sometimes when you birth something, its sloppy and things have to be cleaned up and the baby grows up and looks different.  So it goes spiritually.  Still making more edits but now we will post more updates on the blog which is found at the bottom of the front home page:  mattawchildren.com.  Our family picture now has Claire in it too, poor gal.  Speaking of, she is talking a lot these days.  Crazy how much girls develop faster than boys.  Ok, rambling now... its time for bed.  Love you all... thankful for those still keeping up with us.  


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