16 April 2012

Restored Mary

Today we picked up Mary to bring her home. If you haven't heard about her, you can go back to July and read more details. In short, Mary's mom died when she was young and her dad is an alcoholic. She was one of the least of the least in society with no hope left, barely hanging onto life when we I found her last year. It's one of those moments that I'll never forget the intense urgency to go find her, knowing she was at her last days of living if I didn't get her. We searched for her and finally found the one room rented mud shack her dad moved her to. None of the neighbors even knew she was in there. She was locked away day and night. When we busted through the doors, I searched around the tiny dark room to find her in a corner naked and under potato sacks, in her waste. When Jesus shows up though, the love he is can rescue and restore life to the fullest. These pictures were taken today at the Living Room, a hospice that also takes cases similar to Mary. They've done a phenomenal work with Mary. When we first took her, she was having seizures, foaming at the mouth, couldn't walk, barely said a few words, and eyes rolling in the back of her head. Today we pulled up and she RAN out the front door with so much JOY. She immediately ran to greet me and said 'mama, you've come, im ready, lets go home'. Glory to God!!!!!

In some things she has the mind of about a 5 or 6 year old but we know God can heal her mind even more and restore her. Oh how much Jesus loves Mary!! We have a girls house she will move into this week. More details to come. Thank you all that have continued to pray for Mary and haven't forgotten the least of these.


NeNe said...

The story of Mary....just keeps on glorifying Jesus doesn't it?

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