12 April 2012

Hangin out at Mattaw

Yesterday was just a fun day to be around all our children at Mattaw.  I looked around at one point and realized we have A LOT of children.  Glory to God for all he has done and is going to do.  My heart was bubbling with joy to just sit in the middle of the land and observe His goodness all around. 

The kids are on break from school right now for a month so we have many play days out there this month!  When school starts back up we will implement our new curriculum out there.  

Elisha out playing soccer with the boys

Sweet Johnny boy.  He's one of our newest living in house four.

Chewy, the pet out at Mattaw, just had puppies.  And I thought she was a he, I clearly know now!  Anytime I'm complaining about petty things I figured I'd just look at this picture above and realize things could be worse!

 Boys from house three: Levis, Joshua and Franco.

Elisha being sweet 

Franco being, well, not so gentle.  

For lunch we had the traditional ugali (maize stuff) and sukumawiki (collard greens)

Claire loves this meal

She especially loves chai.  Don't mess with her chai. 

 She just looks so grown up here!  Where'd my baby go?


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