06 March 2012


Vengeance is mine, declares the Lord.

Ive seen more injustice this past week than my eyes wanted to see or my ears wanted to hear. Selfishly, I wanted crawl in bed, watch sound of music and eat chocolate. But my heart wouldn't let me. Thankfully the Lord guards my heart.

We have to choose to see. Even living here I could be blinded to so much all around. And it could be overwhelming if i don't choose to see everything as Jesus does. Well, sometimes it is very overwhelming, the needs are vast. But we just keep walking forward, taking care of those He brings us.

Today we helped a former street girl find a home. She is sponsored by our friends untilthen.org. They have been friends with her for many many years. She is 19 and has 3 kids. The world has beaten and outcasted her but today there is another glimpse of hope in her life. We pray this will be a long term solution. I've watched her go from one place to another for the past four years. Hopeful that today is a new start. Only God can make something beautiful from such heartache and pain.


Living The Adventure said...


Though I've only been gone from Kenya for a little over a month, the stark reality of the suffering in Kenya so easily fades from my mind as I"m surrounded by the America riches. Your blogs, such as this one, keep things fresh and real for me. Thank you for posting and thank you for your continued dedication for the children.

Melissa G./Claira G. said...

I agree, thank you for sharing the good and the bad.

Melissa G./Claira G. said...

Thank you for continuing to be faithul to your purpose in Kenya. Your stories inspire me to continue to say, "Lord, send me!"

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