13 March 2012

Long but hopeful day.

It's been one crazy past week, to say the least. I havent had internet on my computer since who knows when.  The past couple days, a bit tough. Today was full of more hope.  Im very thankful for today.  I  roamed around Mattaw showing my mom in law everything since they were here a year ago. Yes, my in-laws are here a month!  It's wonderful.  Its crazy to recall everything that's happened in the past year. God is faithful. We then all had chai in house three. I haven't had tea time lately near as much as I'd like to. This should be a daily habit.  We then had lunch with all the children. So great to see all their happy beautiful faces. I was then thankful to sit outside with Grace for a bit. She's our house three mom. She shared how much the children have changed by sharing specific stories. I was checking in on how her biological kids are doing and she had so many great things to say.  They love having a big family now with many brothers and sisters. I shared a gift with Angeline that my mom just sent. That's the picture of her, had to throw this one on her just for my mama. I know she so badly wanted to fit in my in-laws bags to come over!  Denise, my Ma in law, then went with me to check up on future children. So it's official: we WILL open house four on Friday!!  It's going to be a rockin party.  We spent a chunk of time at this rescue center learning a lot more on legalities for a certain case we are in regarding justice for children. Can't share details, but pray.  Then just happened to be giving some social workers a ride to town and needed to stope by to pay a hospital bill for a street kid, John. I thought he had left but no, he was waiting right near the gate when I showed up and yelled "Kimbali!" when he saw the car. The people with me happened to know him. One woman has many connections to other organizations in Nairobi.  After feeling we were at a dead end for his options to go, God brought in more hope. We are really hoping he will have placement in the next 2-3 days. After being harassed at this place last week by a doctor for leaving him there too long, today we asked if he could stay just a few more days so he won't return to the streets but be put in a drug/rehab place, the dr agreed without any hesitation. I like that dr.  John agreed to stay a few days longer. A few weeks ago he cried a lot, wanting to leave. But today he is doing better. Although the social worker said there's obvious brain damage, that some of what he was saying was scattered. So in case we aren't Facebook friends.... John's story... well, John has a story. Its long. I just share all this to say Jesus has a plan and it's full of hope. This is truth. Always truth. But days like this are nice to see that truth for my own eyes. John's story has hope. That kid has been faced with a hard reality of death and we hope he will receive the mercy and love he has right in front of him. This is getting long I'm sure. I'm pecking away at my phone and surely I've made a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. At least I have an excuse this time.  We brought a girl home with us that we've had on our waiting list awhile.  Denise commented how glad she was to see a piece of the system on how we bring in kids. That there is a system and there are Kenyans that care and are helping. So yes, there's quite a process and it looks very different from the states but we do try and dot our i's and cross our t's according to Kenyan law. We work with government offices and organizations to bring in the most desperate cases and have them committed into our care. So it's not just like we ran to Africa and popped up an orphanage and started pulling kids out of the mud. There's more to it. :-) although we have seen people do something along those lines.  Ok, I'm rambling. We made it home today just in time for me to whip up the refried beans from the pressure cooker and get nachos and sweet tea in everyones belly. Nachos never fails with teenage boys. Thanks to my Ma-in law, the dishes are clean, so now I just sit here waiting for our fresh milk from Mattaw to finish cooling after boiling it so I can put it in the fridge and fall asleep on the way to my head hitting my pillow.  Thank you all that responded to Alex. He will be so happy to get his school needs met.  And I'm impressed if you made it this far through my random thoughts on today. I'll probably go back and tell some stories that explain some stories mentioned here later. Good night!


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