12 March 2012


Those that have followed us awhile might remember Eunice and her sons, Alex and Micah. Eunice has been blind since not long before the post election violence in 2007. We helped her for some time and Alex went to our school. She was pregnant when we first met her and was so depressed, she was ready to abort the baby. So we helped her a lot. We happened to have friends visiting when she went into labor. They helped pay her bill of $20. She later ended up running away and I havent seen her in almost two years. She's just showed up today though. I'm praying how we can help again. One way would be to get Alex a school uniform, school shoes, some supplies and a bag. If you'd be interested in a one time donation to help him, it'd be around $35. Just email to let me know: kimberly@mattawchildren.com. I wont go into much detail with this story but it's really hard to watch children suffer due to their parents bad decisions. I've had to see this several times lately and it's killer. Hoping God will sustain them using whomever so that these children can have a hopeful future.


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