29 February 2012

Meet Chumba and Franco

According to the UN World Food Programme, over 1 billion people in the world don't have enough to eat. That's more than the entire population of the United States, Canada, and the European Union. Every 6 seconds a child dies from malnutrition and related causes.

This past week we had two children referred to us.  Actually there was about 15 but how do you decide who to take and who to wait on?  It's incredibly difficult.  We decided with our social worker to take the two neediest.  Leaving the place with kids hanging on us wanting to leave with us was so hard to say we will be back.  But because of those that have partnered with us to save lives, we can rest knowing we will be back to get them.  This is part of what sponsorship enables us to do.  

So meet our two newest babies!  

This is Kennedy Kipchumba, he knows his name as Chumba.  

 His mom is now in prison for wanting to kill him.  There was no family that wanted him.  We were told they thought he is about one years old since he just learned to walk.  We knew he was sick, we just didn't realize how sick.  The first time I picked him up, he was just in a tattered shirt, his bottom so very rough.  Diapers are hard to come by here and using cloth would just mean more laundry with more soap that cost something.  I took him to the doctor and found that he is probably almost 2 years old, he is just very malnourished.  I was a bit shocked but then again, not much surprises me these days.  The first time in the car ride, he cried and held on tight.  He probably had never been in a vehicle.  He was incredibly timid at first and it was obvious he cried a lot as a baby since his cry is so, well, off.  There's not much of a sound but you can tell he's sad and weak.

We also brought Franco home.  Franco is at least 5 years old.  He is a funny little kid.  He was orphaned due to the post election violence back in 2007.  He's smaller than our son Elisha.  Elisha just turned 4.  They are best buds though.  It's sweet to see them play together.  They both talk to each other in a different language, expecting the other to understand.  Neither of them understand each other but somehow continue to communicate without frustration.  I guess trucks and superhero action figures can bond any two little boys, regardless the culture.

 Chumba is now getting strong and healthy again.  Amazing how quickly a child can bounce back with medicine, good diet and a lot of lovin.  It turns out that Chumba is a very happy baby with a joyful personality.  We just couldn't see that at first from the malnourishment.

Thankful to see lives saved and restored before our very eyes.  Consider how you could sponsor the life of one of these boys.  They are orphans no longer but have a big family that loves them very much!


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