21 February 2012


I've got a million things to update on.  This has been and will continue to be EPIC, I decided.  Here's a few reasons why....

-We made it out to church Sunday morning after being out the past three Sundays due to someone in our family not feeling well.  It was so refreshing.  My husband taught a good word.  (and not to mention, claire and elisha sat through the entire time, it was a new record.  I just won't mention about the first 15 minutes I spent going outside and spanking Elisha from his horrible fit.  Nope, I won't mention that.)
-House FOUR parents are transitioning great at Mattaw.  They are anticipating their first children to come "home".
-One of my dearest (and coolest) friend is here for the week (she was part of the first group of interns we had in 2007)  Check out their blog!  inhamertime.blogspot.com
-I got to go out and visit their water project (unitlthen.org and freewaters.com).  It was incredible to see how these low cost water projects are literally saving hundreds of lives.  Before they were getting typhoid,  cholera and other water borne diseases form the only dirty water they have access to.
-We're getting to rescue children this week to bring into house four.  Today we picked up a 1 yr old and 4 yr old.  One of the best days of my life just happened.  Thank you Jesus for your love and mercy displayed in the lives of children you bring to us.
-We hung out with two girls that roam the street everyday, girls I've gotten to know over the past 4 months or so and are learning more of their story.
-A potential new team member for our leadership at Mattaw is from Nairobi and here this week, we're enjoying his company and dreaming of the future of Mattaw together!  TOTAL answer of prayer.  I'll be sharing details sometime soon.  Maybe.  :)
-We just hired a secretary that is full time in our office in town.  Oh, and we have a office fully organized and operational.  We got in over our heads with admin work and it looks like we're breathing again in this area.  Maybe this makes no sense to people why its worth celebrating.  Ha.  
-We're taking Phillip (mattaw child) to visit his baby sister Esther (future mattaw child) at our friends baby home, InStep.  Also getting two of our kids, Lucy and Eunice, checked out by a woman visiting InStep for a few weeks that is a physical therapist.  Oh and going to hold some tiny precious babies, that's worth documenting.
-Claire turns TWO on Saturday!!!!

And this was just the highlights.  I didn't even mention the part about getting coffee and pecans in the mail from my mom the same day my friend Dalene brought me some great coffee too.  Little things that make the world go round.  At least my world.

Excited to introduce you to our two newest little ones!  My excitement to show off God's mercy in their life in rescuing these precious boys today is the same as just giving birth to a new baby.


NeNe said...

Epic week for sure. I'm sure looking forward to meeting the new faces and seeing all the rest of those we love.

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