28 January 2012


It's been a good week of transitioning back to this time zone. Bud and Claire overcame jet lag in no time, Elisha and I are almost over it. Almost. Sometimes being removed from an environment will give you new eyes to see. I don't think we realized what a huge transformation King Jesus continues to do in our children. I mean, we know they are being transformed but being away for 6 weeks and coming back refreshed, we're able to see even more what a mighty work the Lord has done in our children and staff too. Here's a few little things I've noticed this week...

When we were out there one day (can't remember which day, not even sure what today is!), I sat in house three and had some Kenyan chai. It was about that time that the children were out of school for lunch. The house three children were starting to come home for lunch. Their parent's, Grace and Joseph welcomed them in a way that was just so sweet. I could see the bond Jesus had brought to make them all one family. Grace would hug on each girl that came in, asking them how school was. She would stroke their hair and encourage them to study hard. They all sat at the table together and the children were excited to all share with their mom and dad about their day in school so far. Each child was eager to be the next to share something. They laughed together and took time for one another. It was beautiful.

Today Bud noticed the house moms in our new church building. They decided on their own to start meeting together once a week to have bible study and encourage one another. YES! So sweet. Bud also noticed one of the boys, Eric, talking to Christabelle (house 2 mom). Eric left her with a note in his hand. Bud was curious about it and found that Christabelle will share bible scriptures with children as Jesus puts it on her heart, according to each child's need for encouragement or correction. Love it.

Lucy Lou is dancing when all the girls will circle up and play games where they take turns dancing. She is more active and playful. I haven't heard her cry once this week! She is becoming more confident and independent. This is huge.

Those are just a few little glances we've had this week. There are many more we could share and end up writing a novel. We just praise Jesus for the love and transformation He continues to do in our children. Our hearts are grateful.

Ok, now for the fun part... more pictures....

Precious. With hair extensions now.

For Christmas Eve, I was told our house two dad bought for the kids a new movie for them to watch. So they watched George of the Jungle. It made sense why our kids were having the time of their life in our little miniature forest we have at Mattaw.




Brian, Dan and Jose.



Lucy Lou.

The kids are very resourceful in what they make for toys. Something common they do is use a leaf and tree bark to make a noise that sounds like a kazoo. Geoffrey demonstrated for me.

And I just happened to walk out the door of house two and caught these two running off to play.
(Claire and Lucy Lou)

Lucy Lou, Claire, Georgie and Rose.

And these two are quite the entertainment. That is if you can catch them both in a great mood at the same time! They were performing some sort of dance and song on this trailer. I have no idea what they were saying. I'm quite sure they didn't know either.

Not sure what exactly this coming week holds. Just expecting to see more of the love of Jesus at work in and around these children.


NeNe said...

Best thing I've seen all week. I love 'em all. Thanks for sharing so well.

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Mercy Nguyo said...

Beautiful family =) Jesus is evidently in your midst! So happy to read this, I can't wait to see y'all =) xxx

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