05 December 2011

Thanksgiving and Sunshine(s)

Time to do a little catch up.

We had a full blown American Thanksgiving at our house. This was the fourth year to do something similar to this. It was loads of fun!

I brined the big bird 24 hours in advance and woke up the morning of Thanksgiving at 4 am to stick it in the oven. The night before I was up makin some yummy pies. Can't have Thanksgiving without pies! Most of my scheduling was influened by Pioneer Woman. (www.thepioneerwoman.com) Everything turned out as I hoped! (minus the cheesy biscuits but I mainly waned them to stick the name tags into, and they served their purpose... i thought i had learned my leason not to try new recipes when hosting large groups... oh well!)

Claire helped me some...

We most certainly got our pie on...

Then after eating our feast, we had a turkey trivia. Based on the scores, it determined who was on which team. We had four teams with several different challenges. Some of them being well known games, others being games from the show "minute to win it". The boys really got into it and made it fun!

Ben, Ian, Daniel and Caleb

Sean, Elisha, and Bud... oh and Lindsay and Terri who crashed on the ground

Sandy and Caleb. They had to bounce ping pongs back and forth to get it in a bucket at the end

Claire with her Auntie Meri

Sean and Daniel
(Bud, Claire and Jordan in the back)

While I spent the morning cooking, Bud took the kids and our four boys to town to get supplies for all the games and prizes. The prizes they picked were pretty humourous. Last place got a snoopy bobble head, second to last got a bottle opener with Jesus' face on it. Second place got a 3D bird placemat. And first place.....

It was a memorable one for sure! We had about 25 people in our house at one time and loved every minute. So thankful for friends that are like family on holidays like this one.

A few days after Thanksgiving, I got out and spent the morning with Elisha and Claire in our yard. Sunny days should be everyday this time of year but they're few and far between at times. So anytime its a beautiful day, we're sure to take advantage of it!

And I'm still quite in love with taking pictures of my sunshines...

You can bet that I'll have a post up tomorrow. Elisha turns FOUR! My oh my how he seemed to turn from a toddler to little boy over night. Going to try and create some epic birthday cake with superheroes and race cars on it. That's what the birthday boy wanted and that's what I'll ensure he gets!


Anonymous said...

Hello Huffmans... This is Brian Ricketts (Lisa's husband!) from back home... I would imagine you guys are coming back for at least some duration pretty soon, and Lisa and I have talked about getting together with y'all when you're here... The Lord is tremendously stirring our hearts and we have a ton of questions for you guys... Hope my message finds you okay... My email address is bricketts@pga.com... Talk to you soon

NeNe said...

You know my bucket list includes enjoying Thanksgiving in Kitale. What a fun day. Glad your feast was a success, I think there's really no doubt when you are in the kitchen. Happy Birthday Elisha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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