05 September 2011

Mattaw Children's Village Update

I'm on this crazy picture posting kick. If you can't tell. Yesterday our whole family finally made it out to Mattaw. Gosh, I get to missing our kids so much. We ended up skipping church and spending the afternoon at Mattaw instead so that our kids could get naps and enjoy the kids in the afternoon. (because spending all morning at church makes for tired kids in the afternoon) It didn't quite work that way but we did end up out there, Elisha sleeping half the time and us getting some time in the the kids with Claire. Today is the third day in a row my plans for the day hasn't worked out. Ok maybe thats everyday but mostly the last three days. I decided tomorrow: no plans. Just start with my list and whatever happens, happens. The end.

So this past week our government helped us out! And has no idea. USAID is an American government initiative that helps around the world. Big time in Kenya. And let me brag on good 'ol George W. Bush. He started Ampath which is a part of USAID and is the program that provides free medical care and medicines to hiv patience. So a handful of our children benifit from this. You know aids is no longer a death sentence as it used to be? People can now live full lives and live regularly if they take their medicine consistently. That's bonus info for you. Now this past week USAID donated mosquito nets for all our children. Our nets were getting bad holes in them so the timing was great!

Angeline and Rose modeling them for us.

Claire and Lucy catching up on life.

She got passed around to about every girl on the compound.

I love this man of mine!

And house five prepping to be built! We have a team from Paulann Baptist Church in our home town, San Angelo, TX that will be here Wednesday. Our last team of the year! They'll finish the church, paint house four, build house five ANNNND move in furniture into house three and help us welcome our new family of children!!!! Oh I could just run outside in the rain now dancing and singing.

Which means we're going to need new sponsors. An entire house full of new kiddos needing sponsorship to give them a school to be educated in, a bed to sleep warm and tight in, a table to eat three meals a day at, more than one pair of clothes to wear, and a family to be securely in for life. Help us get funding for these kids? More details to come. We have been making some changes in the sponsorship area and I'm thrilled to share with you soon. Thank you SO much for those that have been patient with us thus far and stuck in there to support the children we have now.

All the children have little photo books where they keep pictures of their sponsors in it. It's really sweet. They adore each of you and are very grateful. Here's Lucy showing me one of her pictures.

Remember the most recent story this summer of two precious girls we rescued, Sheila and Violet? I wanted to make an update on how they're doing at Mattaw. I'm pretty sure the two pictures I got of them when I first got there shows how at home they are.

Sheila helping Kristin cut Sukumawiki for dinner.

Sharon fixing Violet's hair.
Later Austin brought out his computer and let the kids watch Monsters Inc. They loved it! Funny how they'll all crowd around one computer to watch. Reminds of when I had 50 kids around my computer in Lemoru. It works for them!


NeNe said...

It's so great to see Sheila and Violet as happy Mattaw girls.
Jesus' love wins again.

Andria Holbert said...

Hey is there a quick link I can post on f/b about sponsoring a child...in case anyone wants to help out with that. O, and i have some other questions about that but i'll just send you a f/b message.;)

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