09 August 2011

typhoid and freewaters

(keep reading to the end to find out why I have posted this picture)

So I haven't blogged a whole lot this past week. Well, I got typhoid, and that about sums it up!

First time in 6 years of living here. Nothing to brag about, that is for sure. Lets just say I have stayed very close to the toilet over the past several days. Now that I'm on treatment for 10 days, I'm feeling much better. Each day gets better. It's kinda like malaria with a massive headache, body chills, fever, need I go on. I really thought Saturday night I just might as was curl up and die, but thankfully Jesus pulled me through. (i can be a bit dramatic when it comes to being sick... my poor husband, which by the way has been oh so kind to watch the kids while I stay in my cave and watch Friends and Royal Pains (in case you cared to know) ) Where was I? Oh right, Typhoid. So I take this opportunity to talk about this horrid disease.

What Is Typhoid?

In many developing countries, typhoid fever is a major problem. It is estimated to cause 16 million illnesses and more than half a million deaths each year worldwide. It is especially common in parts of Asia, Africa, and South America where pure water is not readily available and sewage treatment is limited. In many countries, children are the most likely to get typhoid.

Typhoid used to be a serious problem in the United States as well. Early in the twentieth century, before clean water supplies and sewage systems to dispose of human waste were widely available, it caused about 35,000 illnesses each year. Technological advancements in sewage and water treatment have made typhoid fever rare in industrialized countries. Only about 400 cases are reported each year in the United States. Most of them are acquired while traveling abroad.

What Causes Typhoid Fever?

Typhoid fever is caused by a bacterium called Salmonella typhi. It is related to the salmonella bacteria that cause food poisoning, but they are not exactly the same.

What Happens When People Have Typhoid Fever?


The symptoms of typhoid fever come on gradually. At first, people may get a headache, stomachache, and constipation * . They develop a fever and lose their appetite. In some cases, they may get rose spots, a rash mostly on the chest and abdomen. As symptoms worsen, the fever may rise as high as 103 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. People often develop bloody diarrhea, become dehydrated (lose fluids faster than they are replaced), and start acting confused or disoriented. In severe cases, people may go into a coma, a state of deep unconsciousness, and die.

Diagnosis and Treatment

A blood or urine test usually can detect the presence of the bacterium that causes typhoid fever. Antibiotic drugs that fight the bacterial infection can make the illness shorter and milder and prevent complications. Fluids may be given as well to counter the effects of diarrhea. Severe infections can lead to a perforation (hole) in the intestine that requires surgery to repair.

How Is Typhoid Fever Prevented?

Clean water supplies and effective waste disposal systems are the best ways of preventing typhoid, but these are lacking in many countries. A vaccine is available that is about 70 percent effective for several years.

Travelers to countries where typhoid fever is common should drink only boiled or bottled water. They should eat only food that has been properly cooked or fruit that they peel themselves and that has not been washed with tap water. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sums up advice for travelers this way: "Boil it, cook it, peel it, or forget it."

Read more: Typhoid Fever - body, causes, What Is Typhoid? http://www.humanillnesses.com/original/T-Ty/Typhoid-Fever.html#ixzz1UYD2x0WA

So if you haven't heard or read, one of the biggest issues of Typhoid is lack of good, clean drinking water.

How can you help? I'm glad you asked.

You can buy flip flops. That's it? (you ask). Why yes, buy a pair of awesome, comfortable, durable flip flops. (as pictured above)

Good friends of ours, Phil and Dalene, are part of a non-profit I might have mentioned a time or two on here. It's called UntilThen and you can visit it at untilthen.org. They have partnered with FreeWaters.com, which is a new sandal company. Check 'em out! And buy a pair or two. Bud just got his pair in and loves them. (he got the magic carpet style in black) He said they're comfy, durable and don't flip and flop as much as any other flip flow he has ever worn. African sturdy, as you might say.

Don't even ask why I think these are a WAY better investment than Tom's. Because they are.

Now go on... go check out freewaters... and untilthen... and be sure and click around to read about both on their websites.


Dalene said...

thanks for the plug Kim!! so sorry you got typhoid :(

NeNe said...

praying for a very quick recovery. I hope you are tip top shape for your Birthday!!

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