18 August 2011

Lima School

be apart of it. So watch out for more details and an application on our website.
Yesterday we said goodbye to the last two girls that came this summer. Tori and Alicia were a blessing to have around and loved the heck outta a lot of kiddos in this area. They've impacted lives of a generation that we pray will change the world.
Alicia, Georgina (who is currently going to a college for social work and will start working at Mattaw next year as our second social worker!), Georgie, and Tori

They first danced and sang for Tori and Alicia

Saida Rose and Angelina are best friends, I thought it was cute how they were standing and chatting as if they were old ladies
Kakai was crackin us up with his bird dance
Mercy-mid (her nickname since she is the middle age Mercy, we have three)

Oh Georgie porgie, workin his cuteness

They gave the girls soda, chocolate and a scarf as a thank you for coming

And best of all, they prayed over them some sweet words of blessings, love and encouragement


NeNeu said...

I talked to someone just last week that is interested in Lima. Great pictures.

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