25 August 2011

Kenya dig it?


Ok, I have GOT to tell you one amazing story! I am totally astounded by who God calls to be a part of Mattaw and how they respond to God by saying "YES!". There's a family we are still friends with that I met in high school in the youth group I was a part of. They had a Mattaw house party this last time we were in the states and through that, one of their friends, who actually grew up in Kenya, was able to stop by and meet us. Through that one meeting, she was able to learn about Mattaw and caught the vision. She shared with her sons, who over this past year were radically changed by the book "Do Hard Things". I haven't read this book, but it must be life changing for it to motivate a group of 6th and 8th grade boys to do what they are!

So these boys came up on their own to raise money to come on a mission trip here to help the children at Mattaw Children's Village. They came up with their own group, called "Kenya Dig It?" (they even have a facebook page) and here is the mission of their group:
The purpose of our mission trip is to serve the Mattaw childrens village in Kitale, Kenya.While we are there we plan on sharing the love of Jesus Christ with orphaned children of Kenya. We hope to be in a position to provide them with a home as well as the basic necessities we take for granted. It is simply by loving on these children that we will feel the very heartbeat of Jesus.
How cool is that?! We are so thankful for these boys (and their supportive family!) for what they are doing for the children once orphaned here in Kenya. We look forward to having them here one day to love on the children and meet them ourselves.
They will be doing a fundraiser for Mattaw. It will be a golf tournament on October 10th. Please consider how you can be a part of this too! Their website they just made is: www.kenyadigitmissions.org.

There are so many more stories like this that I wish I would blog more about! So if 7 year olds and a group of 6th and 8th grade boys can pull together to make an impact on the world for the name of Jesus, anyone can! It just might be similar to a story I once heard. I think it involved a boy with some fish and loaves?? :-)


Chris Harrington said...

It is awesome what God can do when someone submits to God's will for their lives. We will praying for this group as they prepare to travel to Kitale.

Dalene said...

love this! If we all just had the faith of children what wonderful things we could accomplish!

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