27 July 2011

Mattaw Chapel and Mary

We have a team here right now combining three different churches. One from Texas, one from Minnesota and another from Wisconsin. And they've never met each other before this week. We are thankful to see them come together to love our children and build a chapel/church for Mattaw.
Last Friday they dug trenches and the roof went up. Monday they started to put in the footers. Tuesday some of the wall. And today finished the wall as high as they can stack. Unfortunately they wont see the entire building finished since this is our first time to build a building this big with the brick machine bricks. We (my hubby) has made it to where a team can come in and build a house for Mattaw children to live in within the week they are here though. It was pretty awesome for this much to get done so quick though.

I can't wait to worship, dance, and fellowship inside this place!

OH, AND we are going to have our first wedding inside here as soon as it's all finished!!!! (more details to come.... I'm lookin forward being a wedding planner... should be interesting in Kenya)

Today a few of the neighborhood children came around. This is Dorcas and her baby brother Charlie. She's probably about 7 and had her brother strapped on her back to care for him for the day. I'm sure she was relieved when some of our team members took Charlie into their arms so she could run around and play on the playground like a child.

Randy and Sylvanos (house one dad) pausing for a break from working hard.

And here is sweet Mary. We visited her this morning for the last time before going and picking her up to transfer her to a new place. GOD ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS!!!! This is a total God providing in a desperate situation type of story. A few days after my last post about needing a miracle for Mary, a friend sent me a txt. It was while we were on vacation so I didn't get it for a few days, but when I did I about fell outta my chair! She was letting me know of a possible place she had for Mary to go. I could hardly believe it. But why would I be shock... that's just like our Papa God to come through for his children.

So then I inquired about it and found out one of her friends has a ministry she started close to the clinic that she runs. It's for hospice and also for children that have been rescued and have been severely malnourished and/or neglected and beaten. She currently has four little girls with similar situations. Isn't that amazing?!?!
I'm not very impressed with the care she has been under but definitely it's been a hundred times better than left to die, locked up in a mud hut, on a dirt floor. She was making a lot of improvements at first and then got malaria and has taken a hard hit again. I'm so thrilled to be able to take her to a place I completely trust tomorrow. She will be about an hour away from here, close to Eldoret town. I can't wait to hear all her improvements because I have total hope in Jesus bringing her back to full recovery and full of life. We're not sure how long she will be able to stay at this new place. At least 6 weeks or until she is fully recovered. In the meantime, please please pray with us again for a permanent solution for Mary. I know God is all about hearing our prayers.


Anonymous said...

The Chapel building is awsome! I was also so glad to hear how Mary is doing.I will continue to pray for healing and for a permanent home for her.I praise the Lord for all who have had a part in building Mattaw Village and loving those children enough to see they are cared for in every way.God Bless, Grandma McKinney

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