09 June 2011

Munday on Thursday

So I've noticed on the thing that tells me where people are that are viewing our blog, have been more from Munday and Pampa TEXAS. So I'd assume people are checking this to get an update on their church members, friends, or family. I could be wrong. Just guessing though.

Here's a quick run down of yesterday and today. Well maybe not so quick. But an overall summary.

Yesterday Munday made it's way from Nairobi to Kitale by road. This team and the last have commented how crazy the driving is on the roads. Guess I've gotten so used to it, it seems normal. And not to mention how 5 years ago they were 10 times worse and took twice as long to get here. But apparently it's part of the adventure. No need to worry, you mama's out there, they are in good hands. (God's and my husband's)

They were going to make it in by lunch but didn't get here till 4:30ish. Welcome to Kenyan time!

The Pampa team headed to Mattaw in the morning to spend the last morning with the Mattaw children. At lunch time I took the women to go pick up their African skirts that they had tailored for themselves.

Bud was taking one of our team members to the doctor and while he did that, I went and did a goodbye ceremony with the Pampa team and children and staff at Mattaw. And OH MY. I didn't get to spend near as much time out at Mattaw with this team so I really wasn't sure how close they got to the children. I just knew our children were being lavished with love, bible teachings, games and candy. We had a birthday party for some of the Mattaw children. We're late on many birthdays but catching up with each team. So we celebrated Eunice, David, Angeline, and Juma.

The cake.
I didn't have time to make them cake so we got a brick cake from the grocery store.
David and Juma
Euni and Angeline
It was fun, we were all happy. Then the children sang for the team and said their goodbyes. It was all happy. Then the team expressed how much they would miss the children and keep them in their hearts. Most of them started to cry. Then our children started to cry. It was no longer happy!! But amazing how in a short time, God can bond people across cultures. Even if you don't understand each others language. The children circled around the team and the children prayed over the team. There was a lot of sobbing going on. By that time it was 4pm-ish. Then Munday team arrived in Kitale. So Bud brought Munday team out to Mattaw Children's Village for the first time. At the gate of Mattaw the Munday team got out while the Pampa team got in the van and left to go shower and get ready for dinner. The children were at the gate to greet the Munday team and do their usual greeting by a lot of songs and dancing. THEN they were happy again! New visitors, more fun, more love. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions! It was incredible for our children to cry about a team leaving, then within a hour stop crying and focus on a new team coming and get excited with dancing and singing and not faking it. We've got the best kids ever.

This morning the Pampa team left bright and early for Nairobi and will fly out tonight. Usually we don't overlap teams but there was a mix up but we made it all happen and considering the potential chaos it could have been, it went really well!

The Munday team left with Bud early and went out to start on building house four. So this team's main mission is to love on the Mattaw kids and staff and build house four. Busy busy week! Our kids had no problems latching onto this team. The first team commented how they helped open them up to visitors all over again for the summer. That they did!

So one cool thing about this team is that my parents are actually the ones that connected us to this church. My dad's cousin that he grew up with is from this church and so we've gone and spoke there a few times. They've heard so many of the stories and have seen the pictures but now a group of them have come to see the children and love on them for themselves.

They're a great team to have around. They came to work and love and jumped right in to do that this morning with no hesitation. Mattaw Children's Village is so blessed!

The younger girls on the team
Mama and daughter from the team building house four
The men on the team putting in a window

House Four at lunch time
Kobie taking a break from construction to play football with some of the boys

The girls getting their hair done in the afternoon
House four at the end of the day
More updates to come!


Cindy said...

Thanks for posting Kimberly....we are loving getting to see all the activities! Blessings to you all!

ronda thompson said...

thank you so much for the pictures and updates. wish we could all be there too!! thanks for loving on our family, we know they are in good hands. I can already tell Tay is going to have a hard time saying good-bye! Praying for everyone. Love and hugs.

Kimberly said...

yall are sure welcome! we love your family... wait, we're all realated! love our family! we might just keep taylor :)

ronda thompson said...

that's right, one big happy blessed family!! :) well....I sure am missing Tay but know where to send her when the teenager in her needs an adjustment...and I mean that in the "nicest" way!!! Thanking God that He made this unforgettable, awesome, life enriching experience possible for her. Give her another hug for me!! She is an amazing daughter, very hard working!! Her sister Cheney wants to tell her "I love you, I miss you and tell daddy I love him and I miss him too, love ya'll, bye". Praying for all of you, please keep us posted on Brittany. Loving technology...
so thankful to feel "connected" during this journey! love and hugs

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