01 June 2011


Let me teach you a new word in Swahili: Mrembo. It means beautiful in swahili.

At Mattaw Children's Village, we love to do little things that make our children feel just that more loved. In many remote villages, the children all shave their heads. Girls included. (they do this mainly for hygienic reasons) They all look so beautiful though, even without hair. I'm pretty sure I would have looked like an alien had I shaved my head as a child. (well there was that one time I took scissors and cut the front patch of my hair and it was hideous... but we wont even go there!)

In the towns, many mama's let their daughters grow their hair and fix it. Usually a child with hair means they're well taken care of. And it gives our girls so much confidence. They don't have to have it done, but it's just a special treat! Our house two mama, Christabelle, knows how to do the girls hair. We usually take them all to town to a salon where they get their hair washed and blow dried. Then Christabelle spends a week doing their hair one at a time.

Here are some pictures that are very mrembo :-).

Saida Rose





Mary Clementine

Jennifer... the last one to get hers done today

Salma Pauline

Saida Rose


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This makes me smile!Love it!!

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