14 May 2011

Fruit and Flower Friday!

Yesterday blogger was timing out at the only times I had to be on the computer SO here I am posting a bit late for the new Friday theme I started a few weeks ago. Technically I'm just a few hour late for it to be Friday in America. But who's counting?!

Today's fruit is an apple mango. My absolute favorite mango. There are at least four that I know of around here. Some come from the coast, some from the Marakwet region/tribe, some from Ukambani and then the apple mango comes from Pokot. It's the sweetest (of course), and when you eat it, you can usually just bite into it without stringy stuff getting stuck in your teeth (like most mangos do). And they smell divine! Not to mention the color of them makes great decoration in my fruit bowl :).

And today is Bud's birthday! I was throwing a surprise birthday party but someone let the cat out of the bag. Which is alright since yesterday was a tortilla factory in my kitchen and he might have been a bit suspicious. I am throwing him a Fiesta Birthday party! We're having some of our friends around here join. Better get going so I can finish baking the feast with Betsy and Brittany.


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