20 April 2011

A few pictures

We got new puppies that will be guard dogs one day. One day. Not anytime near because right now they are busy being little babies that have overtaken my front screened in porch. Poop aside, we love them. Especially Elisha. Although he has gotten a bit too comfortable with them and they are often rag dolls, soccer balls, and pillows.

Angeline and Elisha

Here's a few pictures from this past Sunday at church out at Mattaw...

Caleb taught. He is incredible at teaching our children and really relating to them to be more effective in empowering them.

Ian is on break from school and goes out with us to Mattaw most days

Mercy holding Georgie with the oldest Mercy. The oldest Mercy is on break from school too. She is now at a boarding school a few hours away. We love having all our children home!

After church sometimes we go to the Coffee Shop. This is white people headquarters. Hardly ever fails that we go there and see white people. This Sunday we had a surprise of our friends being there who have children about the same age as ours. Here is Jediah and Elisha. It's crazy how much alike they are! They both were dressed the same with ragged hair and dirty faces. Jediah at least kept his shoes on. Not my little cave man.

And this little girl is growing up so fast! This picture just made me realize how much she has grown. We found this stroller for a few dollars. And it broke within a few days. Fun while it lasted! So cute how she knew how to put her babies in and push them around.


Teri said...

Oh, the pups are adorable!! How goes the training? And I always love seeing pictures of the kids!

Joyful Living said...

wow! great pics!!! Claire is growing so fast!

NeNe said...

You are posting straight to my heart. What a great way to start my day. Remembering Jesus' sacrifice today but more than that rejoicing in his victory!!!

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