17 April 2011

Dr. and fruit

This morning was refreshing to go out and worship Jesus with our Mattaw family. We asked if anyone was sick and for them to come up and we'd pray for them. There were none! Praise Jesus.

A few weeks ago I got a call from a man who had come out to visit Lemoru on a team years ago. He was the man that taught our boys in Lemoru oraphanage karate and brought them beef jerky for them to have for the first time. (those are the two things everyone still talks about at least, in remembering him) It had been quite awhile that we had spoke and then he found us on good 'ol facebook. I am so thankful for the connections I've made on there! So he came to Kenya, finished building a clinic in Lemoru and dedicated it, then happened to be able to come out with the Dr. who was traveling with him. It was down to their last few days in Kenya so they were only to make it out for literally a few hours. We were so thankful though! She was able to check all of our children and prescribe a few things she brought with her to those in need. AND, Claire had an infection in one of her lungs and she was able to treat her too. Our staff and teachers also were able to get treated for a few minor things. We hope they'll come back and see us again! Not sure if any of them will ever see this but we are so thankful you went several hours and bumpy roads out of your way to come see us and check our kids out. Asante SANA!

OH, and Mike was talking to a friend beforehand of how I love coffee so his guy sent over a special treat. I know, it's a luxury. (fyi, you can NOT get the best coffee grown in Kenya here, they export it ALL and leave the not so great kind behind. But Kenyans dont typically drink coffee anyways, they love hot tea with milk... aka "chai".) So I am extremely thankful for this! It's a great thing to have to start out the summer with all the busyness of teams and such. Ish! I think I'll go have a cup now just thinking of how busy our summer will be. Makes me want to take a big fat nap when looking at our calendar. But at the same time we are excited and know it'll be full of lives being changed!

On a random note. I love avocados! And they're one of Claire's favorite things to eat. AND we have a huge tree in our yard with them and they are SO close to harvesting. There's at least four different kinds of avocado around here, that I know of. They are super cheap too. We like to cut 'em up and squeeze lime juice and sprinkle garlic salt on them and voila! Cheap, delicious, super nutritious snack!

Here is our favorite kind...

They're huge!

And soon we'll be taking potato sacks full out to Mattaw! Right now pears are in season and we've gotten them at the market on the one of the days our Mattaw kids get fruit. But they aren't the soft kind you find in the states mostly. They're round, hard and a bit less sweet. Our kids gobble them down in no time though. There are many fun delicious fruits around here. Apples, peaches, and watermelons are so uncommon here. I was thinkin I'd start doing a fruit friday page on here. We'll see how that works out. That sounds a little too organized for me to do on here :). But it probably would take all year if I did one per week. We shall see.


The Beavers said...

Hardly ever make it over here to comment anymore cause I just stay in my reader mostly. That's not fun for you, right?!
Just had to mention something about those advocados! Amazing! And in your yard! We love them but I just passed them up at the grocery store because they were $1.50 a piece and they didn't even look good:(
Can't wait to hear the news one day that you have your very own doctor and clinic on Mattaw!!

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the comments! That's no bueno on the avocado's in Texas... they're around 10 cents a piece here!

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