07 February 2011


Still don't have pictures and lots to update on! We just got back from San Angelo, it was such a great few days. And when I say "few" days, I mean very little time was spent there! Due to snow and sickness, we ended up going from spending a week there, to just two quick nights. So I am VERY sad I did not get to spend time with everyone I was planning to. But God is in control and works it all for his good!

My parents ended up driving us down since the roads were thickened with ice and snow on top of ice. My dad has a big 4X4 truck and we made it there and back easily.

We shared at the Huckabee's home on Saturday night. We were showered with so much love and prayers that I thought we could not possibly be more full. But then we spoke Sunday morning at CCSA and just got dunked with more love from our church family. Although a short and sweet trip, it was intentional and so FULL of love. Thank you ALL who came and blessed us with your words, time, prayers and support. Our Papa God truly has more than enough for all we need to walk out the vision he placed in our heart. Provision in many ways has been given and we are more thankful than words can express.

We made our last road trip for our time being in the states and our next trip will be the BIG trip across the pond and back into our home in Kenya. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. :-))))

Wait, did it sound like I just said I can not wait to fly and travel 24 hours to get back to Kenya? Because that is NOT what I was saying. I was saying I can not wait to be in our home. I think I've been in denial about getting back on an airplane for that long with a three year old and one year old... both very active little kiddos! But we're just going to keep in mind what the end of the trip will be like and endure it with JOY!

So you can all definitely be praying especially for us this week. Pray that we would feel at peace about packing and all that. Pray the God would go before us (as He always does!) and prepare a smooth traveling route for us. Pray that our transition back to home in Kenya will come by so easy. Pray for such a great time of reuniting with our staff and children at Mattaw! And pray for our sweet family here in Texas that we are saying "see you later" to. It might be quite awhile until we return!

Well, when I get more pictures and such I will post again. We love you guys and thanks so much for your prayers!

Much much love.....


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