24 November 2010


Happy Thanksgiving y'all! Hope every ones day is full. Full of family, friends, and yummy food. Ours was and we're so very thankful for that! I had a turkey hangover the following morning and it was well worth it. Today we are headed out to the farm that we buy our cows from. We will frolic through sunflower fields, maybe swim in the dam, and have a picnic with turkey sandwiches. This will happen of course if I can pull my husband away from construction for a bit. He is so determined to get house three finished by next week. I love the determination... but who can deny a turkey sandwich picnic on a beautiful farm?! I can hardly believe a week from this Saturday I will be sitting in my parents home. So many mixed emotions! Thankful to see my family again, sad to leave the one here. It's only 8 weeks though and it's so full that I'm sure the time will fly by. We'll want to not take a day for granted but at the same time hurry back here! We have so much to look forward to. Thanks to my wonderful hubby, we are getting a little getaway to California the week after we arrive in the states. While in Kenya our house almost always has visitors. We absolutely love it. And with two small children, time with each other gets away from us sometimes. So we're packing in a week full of just Bud and I time in California. Our sweet friend/sister Hollie is getting married and I'm so privileged to be a bridesmaid. She'll be married in Cali so we're going a week early. I'll get to run a 1/2 marathon!!!!! (YAY!) I'll run it the day after getting to Cali, then we'll head Hollie's direction. Anywho, how did I get sidetracked to all this? I'm so very thankful for it all so it ties in with the title of the post! Here's some pictures from our Thanksgiving feast.

Our family
My children and I

Bud feasting

the table

the first portion

Betsy and Megan

our new friend Jordan

our precious friends Sean and Meredith

Dalene and Phil!

My baby girl and I


Scott said...

I clearly should have stayed in Kenya through Thanksgiving! Looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Actually you are a matron of honor :) You and Joylyn!! See you soon :) Loved the last pic!


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