02 October 2010

Cows for Christmas

At Mattaw Children's Village we are always asking Jesus to expand our dreams, to give us new dreams, and to not limit what He can do. Our newest dream is to have a huge dairy farm that will help make Mattaw self-sustainable. And here's a way you can make this dream come true! Below is information of how much money we are trying to raise to get this started and when the fund raiser will end. You can either give towards it, or if you would like to buy a cow you can do that too! There's a place not far from here that raises some of the best cows you can find in Kenya. They are pure breed cows that will produce a lot of milk. We plan to start with four of those kind, which is around $700 for each one. Two of them will be pregnant. Then we will also purchase 4 calfs that are all different ages and each one of those are $150. So here's the options if you feel led to give... (but please don't give out of guilt! just give as Jesus leads :)))

-$700 for one high breed cow
-$150 for one calf
-or any amount to go towards any cow

This would be a great Christmas gift you could give to Mattaw as a family or church. Did I mention how much I love you all?! Thank you all so much for your continued love and support for us and Mattaw ministries. We are so blessed and so very THANKFULL!!!

(and if we end up going over this amount, then that amount can either go towards more cows, land for more cows, or the barn that needs to be built to house the sweet cows)


Dalene said...

love this idea!

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