30 September 2010


We got to go visit these sweet children, Angeline, Peter and Dan. I hardly recognized Angeline! I seriously had to ask Betsy if she thought that was really her when we went to say hi to them in the middle of a mass group of kids at their school. They have become so much more healthy and have chubbed up a bit! I was happy to see! They are doing so great in school but home life is still not so great, or not great at all. Looking forward to welcoming them home to house three soon...

I ran out to the home a few days ago and got a few snaps. Everyday the kids have an assembly to close the school for the day. Four of them are chosen to do this march thing and one goes up to the flag to take it down. Every morning they do similar and raise the flag. They say prayers, the teachers give announcements and encouragement.


Kristin, Clementine, Mercy (we have many Mercy's) So we put Clementine in grade 1 since she has never been to school before (and she's 11 years old!). I was talking to our teacher for her class and Helen was so encouraging about her future. She said Clementine is extremely eager to learn and already catching up. She said she must have learned a few things from someone along the way. She can do handwriting and improving in math within just a few days.
Praise JESUS!

Lots of bricks being built... we will never stop building! Did you know every 2 minutes, 2 children are born in Kenya and every two minutes a child becomes orphaned. We need more mothers and fathers, and homes! Call them home. Teach the new generation to LIVE in Jesus and take care of their self and their babies.

Making paper bead necklaces. We'll be selling these when we come to the states for a fundraiser for our kids to go on a trip somewhere in Kenya.


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