08 August 2010

Elisha David and Claire Elizabeth

So I've finally come to terms with the fact that Claire is no longer a newborn but a plumpy sweet baby. I feel like I blinked my eyes and she grew. She has been an absolute joy to have in our family and we can hardly remember what it was like not to have two children. I'm trying to remember to take pictures of her often so she has almost as many pictures of her as a baby as Elisha did. I didn't realize how obsessive, or rather how much time I had, when he was a baby. Since I missed her 5 month update on here, I though I'd give a quick run down of the little sweet pea...

-rolling over, often
-eating baby oatmeal every morning now and sometimes at night
-easy to make giggle, i love her laugh
-doesn't know a stranger... except for women with crazy hair, then she freaks
-loves to be in her walker, but loves to be held even more
-sitting up well, almost able to sit and play by herself
-sleeping in her crib in her room, usually sleeps 8 hrs straight then wakes up for a snack and goes back to sleep. Usually sleeps in late, unlike her brother
-giggles when she looks in the mirror
-has a better shoe selection than her mom
-has lost a lot of hair since birth but still has enough to clip a bow in. It's definitely growing in lighter but still not sure if there will be a red tint or not
-still jabbers a lot
-went swimming for the first time and loved it, still loves bath time
-loves her brother and he is the only person that she'll smile at without them having to smile at her first
-and the most recent update is her first tooth cut through yesterday! Not sure if that should be an exclamation mark or not, this is pretty early. But she did great, was a bit more fussy than usual but has still been a happy sweet baby.

While I'm talking about our kids, I should give a little update on the big brother too. He is now 2 yrs and 8 months old since a few days ago. I haven't done one of these on him in awhile...

-acts like a 2 yr old, often
-is full of joy and energy, loves to laugh
-at the moment loves bugs... likes the movie aunt bully, a bugs life, and antz. He likes wearing his bug pajamas. Likes to chase ants around the house killing them and calls them "piders" (spiders).
-is often a monster and chases people around roaring, usually this is fine unless they are younger than him. the movie lilo and stitch encourages this.
-still says "i tuming" when he is coming somewhere or you call him. its pretty cute.
-is saying more sentences now but most people can't understand them
-watched his first movie in theaters and did awesome. we saw toy story 3, and he sat in his own chair the entire time holding his toy buzz in one hand and woody in the other. during action scenes he would act out with his toys what was happening. i highly recommend the movie!
-is a very busy little boy but when he gets focused on doing something, he sticks to it for awhile and calms down
-likes motorcycles a lot or "pik pik" (piki piki is the swahili word) he notices them before us all and loves his toy motorcycle
-also loves balls and always wants to play ball but the dogs usually tear them up
-is a great big brother. he likes to help feed Claire her oatmeal
-will sit and read a book but likes to make up his own story rather than you reading to him
-my favorite moment this week was when he came and crawled up in our bed one morning and whispered to me "i yuv you"

Enjoy the slide show of them...


Amanda said...

Kimberly, Claire is just beautiful! Babies are so cute at this age because all their features start to show up. Hope you get to spend some time with Aly, she's loving being there!

The Beavers said...

These updates are wonderful and I am so glad that you do them! Thanks for all the pictures of your babies! I miss their sweet faces!

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