19 August 2010

Kids and more birthday

If you've read this in the past few days you've noticed I put new pictures up but did not put words. I was in a hurry and just glad to get pictures up, so I'll explain them now....

This was a Sunday. I just happened to dress the kids to match Bud but did not do it on purpose. I thought they looked great though and had to get a snap. I love our little family.

Elisha grabbing on to Bud. He didn't have shoes on and did NOT want to touch the grass barefoot. He's got this thing about having to have shoes on in the grass now, weird.

And I did match them on purpose this day

No worries, no one involved was hurt. Elisha just makes it look like she is being hurt to startle his mom but Claire is perfectly ok. Oh big brother.

London bridge maybe?

Here's my toothies! There's TWO

Elisha teaching Claire how to crawl, lol.

We're almost crawling! She'll take a few crawls and then plump down on her belly and roll around

So my husband played a sneaky little trick last weekend. My birthday was on a Thursday and as I've written, Bud was so sweet and made the day special, it was simple and nothing big, but sweet. I turned 26, kinda a boring number to turn, but whatever, it was another year and not a big deal to me. I was not counting on having ANYTHING special done. So the Sunday after my birthday, we go to church. Betsy, who is a friend of mine staying in our guesthouse long term, told me she wasn't feeling well and was going to stay home. So I had planned that we'd go eat at a restaurant in town after church. I was going to call Betsy to see if we could come get her for lunch but Bud insisted that he call. So after church we were swinging by to pick her. We pull into our compound and there's two of our friends vehicles. I joke "whats going on? is Betsy having a party without us?!" And then my mind raced a million different directions and I thought maybe something bad happened to Betsy and they were there to help. Bud is totally playing it cool and tells me maybe I should go in to check with him. So I go in, noticing our friend Todd's bike is outside. I go in and when I turn to go in the living room I see a happy birthday sign..... NO WAY. BUD! So in the living room was a little group of our friends from around here waiting and say "surprise!". Yep, they threw me a little surprise party. If you know me, you know I do not like surprises, I like to know whats going to happen! But I was very thankful to have people over. We had a nice spaghetti lunch with lots of good cake. And no, Betsy was not really sick, she stayed back to help my friend Meredith make lunch and get the place ready. Now, that explains why Bud was picking up around the house before we left!

Uncle Sean

The cake Bud got for me in a town an hour away, they didn't have Cinderella so he went for Snow White, it was the though that counts

My friend Julie made this one. It was so good I didn't even get a picture before we all ate it. But it was a really cute (and pink) cake.
Sweet gifts and cards

My teeth are really comin in!


The Beavers said...

Great pictures, Kim! I love the ones of both of them playing on the ground! And wow! Is Claire crawling already? I see the teething has begun...have fun!

bob said...

Thanks for the pictures - miss you.

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