02 January 2010

A lot of catching up

Here is from the one time it snowed in San Angelo. It was so fun to wake up and see a blanket of white outside. It was Elisha's first snow to experience and he very much enjoyed it. He didnt understand why they more he played in it, the more cold he would get. He would get so upset that he was cold but did not want to go inside. He learned the word snow though. He often leaves the "s" off though so unless you're around him a lot you wouldn't know that's what he is saying, you'd think he's saying no. (which he likes to say a lot)

This is just a precious picture I had to post. It is from months ago but I wanted to make sure it makes the blog. (for when I make a blog book for 2009) It's Elisha and his Pawpaw (my dad). My dad is so not a baby person but the age Elisha is now, he'll have more to do with him. One night I was so frustrated I couldn't get Elisha to sleep and it was super late, my dad came in and wrapped him up and rocked him to sleep. I was tempted to be upset his Pawpaw got him to sleep and not his mom but I couldn't with seeing how sweet it was.

We went to the zoo the weekend Bud flew into Houston. It was quite different than seeing animals on safari in Kenya but Elisha knew no difference. We had fun being back together as a family and watching Elisha have fun. He learned a lot of new names of animals and moreso the noises they make!


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