25 January 2010

Kenya, Elisha, baby

Why am I blogging so much lately?

Well, I'm glad you asked.

For one, with Bud being in Kenya, I have the time. If there is such thing with an active two year old. And I'm staying at my parents house where I always have access to high speed internet. It makes things easier. Such as blogging.

For two, I'd love to get back in the habit of posting more often for when our new baby comes. I blogged a lot with Elisha and there are memories I just don't want to forget!

I talked to Bud and Hollie this morning on the phone. The family that was there left Kitale today and headed to the Masaai Mara where they will go on safari. Pray that all goes great for them and they have a good experience! Bud said they completed the water tower and painting the school building. It was a great week for everyone and we're so thankful all are healthy! Including our kiddos at Mattaw. The mumps that were going around are completely gone. The only thing of this week was one of our girls had malaria. Hollie said she also put a lot of band aids on kids. Just minor stuff, kid stuff. So Bud is in Kitale a few days alone where he can wrap things up for while he's away until May. Tomorrow he and Hollie will work on getting all the children to write letters to their sponsors. So if you sponsor one of the children, expect some mail soon! We'll also be sending out a newsletter this coming week and will follow up with one quarterly.

I haven't mentioned my precious boy in a few posts. It amazes me how quick they grow and learn at this age. This week his boy-ness or should I say monster-ness has really shown. He likes to run in circles around the house growling like a monster at his Paw Paw and Grandma. It's kinda cute, he'll say "me mon... ter". Being the two year old he is, he is also testing his limits. Being pregnant I get worn out pretty easy but I try hard not to let that be an excuse not to be consistent with what his limits are. I absolutely love Elisha and love his personality but I am dreaming of a sweet quiet little girl who likes to sit nicely playing with dolls and having tea party's. Elisha on the other hand likes to build high towers with blocks and crash into them. He runs his little heart out everywhere he goes. I think I can sum him up (if that's possible) by saying he will be a passionate leader one day. My mom and I went to chick-fil-a the other day. It had been awhile since we ate out and also awhile since Elisha had played with other children. So he's great with kids, and is not shy one bit. But he doesn't always get it when he is coming across as a bit intimidating to other kids. At one point I look over at him chasing a boy, probably 4 or 5 yrs old, and the boy looks terrified, Elisha is doing his dino impersonator again. Oh geeze. All the moms were laughing, I felt bad once I realized the boy he was chasing was a bit terrified. The thing I love though is that he also has his times of snuggling up with me and either reading or watching a movie. He goes from one extreme to the other. I'm pretty much in love with the little fellow.

So I'm testing new blog looks. I was tired of the one from last year. I thought I'd change it up every year. I'll probably test around until baby girl comes and we get a good family portrait. Then I'll match a good background color with whatever color and theme our picture is. Until then, bear with me. Maybe its another expression of "nesting". Speaking of, I am due SIX WEEKS from Wednesday! Yahoo! Sunday morning at church I noticed across the auditorium a woman with her new infant baby girl. Yep, I zoned out of the sermon for a bit and was totally obsessing over how sweet this baby was and how much the mommy was just adoring her. It's only been two years since Elisha was itty bitty but sometimes it's hard to remember how little and fragile they are. Oh I cant wait! What a joy it'll be!

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