02 January 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas was such a blessing this year. This night before we first went to Freedom Fellowship to attend their candle light service. We were wanting to go there and CCSA (more of our home church) but we love them both and went with this. It was a good time to make sure our focus was on the main thing, Jesus. It's been a blessing to celebrate with family here. We SURE do miss our Kenyans though! Last year we celebrated there with all the children. It is a huge difference but overall both are great. Is it weird it makes me think of Hannah Montana when I think of our life? "We've got the best of both worlds" Haha. That'll give a few of you a good laugh. Christmas eve we went over to Eli's Poppa and Nene's house for dinner. Christmas morning we first spent the morning with just our little family. Elisha was a blast. I much more enjoyed watching him open gifts than actually having the new gifts. He was so cheery. Bud got us up early, I think he was more excited than Elisha, but we wont tell him that. We got Elisha a bunch of little gifts and wrapped them all separate since it'd be more fun for him to open all of them. He learned a new word: presents. But he says "pre... sent" with a breath in between. Its cute. We then picked up our Kenyan friend Linda and went over to Bud's parents for brunch. Bud's sister, Kate, flew in from Charlotte, North Carolina (where she lives) that afternoon. We had a big yummy dinner then opened gifts. All day we had to keep Elisha from opening gifts but for weeks leading up to it he never bothered with them at his Poppa and Nene's house. He just never knew there was actually something inside the wrapping paper! I think next year he might get a little smarter than that. Here's the pictures...

The first present
He would go get a gift, come sit down, open it making sure all pieces of paper are off. Then have us open the toy and play with it for awhile.

Which one next?

Bud's new house shoes and pj's from me

Golf clubs! His main gift.

Just like my Baba

Uncle Ben helping
My little sweet pea got some adorable new clothes! I can't wait to see her in them!

We gave Bud's dad a new bible.
We are a Texas family, this is Bud's younger brother and older sister
New tool set from Aunt Kiki
My handsome hubby


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