20 August 2009

Supporting Mattaw

I've had people recently ask how they can make a donation or sponsor a child. You can click on the Mattaw tree on the right side of this page. It will take you to the Mattaw website where you can easily make a donation or begin sponsoring one of our beautiful children. At the top there is an option that says donate now. We're still in need of sponsors for our children. You can click on sponsor a child on the website and it takes you to a page that describes how the sponsorship works, shows where all the money goes, and has a form you fill out to start sponsoring one now.

We are forever grateful to those that invest in the children of Mattaw, whether it be financially or prayerfully. Your support is so greatly appreciated. Also to those that keep up with us and continue to pray for us, thank you! There are days that get incredibly rough, days we miss our family (many of those), times that we feel we're the only ones over here, and many days where prayers and encouragement are invaluable. You just have no idea what it means to us to have the love and support back home that we do. We couldn't do it without such great friends and family. Sometimes I think missionary work is seen as heroic and glamorous. Like we have it all together. We don't! There are days we get so fed up with the culture and it seems like things are not advancing as we'd like. But we're reminded of who and what we're here for. And in the big picture, what we give up to be here is nothing in comparison to what Jesus has done for us. The freedom Christ has given us to walk in daily is worth it all. The love the Father has for us is better than life. Honestly, there are days I just want to go back to a very normal, comfortable life surrounded by friends and family. But for this season in our life, this is where we're called to be and it is a tremendous joy. I'm grateful for the Father to be so patient with us and love us in our weakness. Days where I'm ready to give up, He gently reminds me who I am and He picks me up.

"God does not demand that I be successful. God demands that I be faithful. When facing God, results are not important. Faithfulness is what is important" Mother Teresa

I need grace more than anyone else to face the helplessness and weakness inside of me. You, Jesus, have to be my strength and refuge today. There's no other option. Thank you for bringing me to this place. We are daily faced with the poor and oppressed. It gets wearing when I don't look to the One who has all the answers to solve their problems. You have given us the answers and we have to listen. Lord give me wisdom to take care every desperate child you put before us. You said to never turn one away, that there's always a solution. Whether it be bread, love, clothes, kindness, or a home, there's a solution. Jesus, be the voice of solution and let all other voices be silenced.

Restored in His love,


Emily (from JoMo) said...

:) You encouraged me today Kimberly!

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