13 August 2009

August 14

Hey all! I thought I'd get one more update up before going on safari. This week has gone by waaay too fast! I have really enjoyed this team. They've been amazing. I think we've learned a lot from this past year with other teams and we got a few things right this week! The schedule went really smoothly. Not that other groups haven't, but it's improving. Our camera went dead after day two so I'll have to post pictures when the team gets back and sends me their pics. Yesterday was my birthday. A quarter of a century old. Geeze! It was a wonderful day. Last night we had a BBQ here at our house. Bud surprised me with a cake he ordered from the Karibuni lodge. It was delicious.

Ill have to give more of an update on this team but for now I'll leave you with pictures. We're about to head out the door and go on safari in the Masaai Mara. Yesterday we had a birthday party for some of the children and then the children sang. OH MY GOODNESS. Those kids have never sang so beautifully and confidently. There were tears pouring out of Mattaw. Good ones though! The team really connected with the children and didn't realize how hard it would be for them to say bye. It was hard to know the children cried but its great to see their opening up more. Usually you don't show emotion here. You have to be tough. Ok, gotta go!

Elisha on with his dad's helmet and gloves on his car

Just out of the bath!

Eating frozen strawberries


Eunice. She is doing great with her leg. She just has to wear this plastic brace still.

Gracie and Nelima after getting new clothes

Little princess Lucy. She cried when I first got her to stand. She is not very motivated! But soon enough

Kensie and Mercy

Karen jumping rope with the kids

Kendra and Lucy

Haley and Eunice

Eathan and Sharon

Brittney and Georgie

Adam and Caleb playing soccer

Love yall!
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Nene said...

Great post,looks like it was truly a great week.

Kristy said...

Thank you so much for sharing your world with my son, Ethan. These pictures are wonderful, I looked at them with tears in my eyes after reading your blog. May God continue to bless you as you serve Him.

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