30 July 2009

Mostly pictures, July 29, 2009

This week has flown by! We have another week and then we'll have a team here for a week from San Angelo, TX. Having breaks in between teams is a very wise thing to do! We've had time to re group and make plans for the next team. There were a few weeks in there last month where my head would spin a bit, not remembering what day it was. It's been a great summer of teams though. This week Bud has been busy getting all the shopping list together for next month. Our money transfer came on time! It's such a hassle to deal with banks in Kenya. Elisha has had a cough for the past week keeping me up in the nights with him. We're taking him this afternoon to the Dr. though. Last night was it for me. He was up from 1-3 am. Our youth apart friends (Holland) had visitors and they came out this past week to see Mattaw. One of them had a nice camera and took some pictures for us...

Bud, Elisha and I with our kiddos

Inside one of the new classrooms

Me and Noah

Ellemieke and Lucy... Lucy has transitioned to house two and is doing AMAZING. What an answer to prayer! She still isn't very motivated to walk but soon enough.

Jeremy and Eric

Me and baby Georgie. I think I'll save an update on him and his siblings for the next post. It's bad but good. Pray for them. He is getting his joy back though

Gracie and Eric

Lucy holding Edwin's hands

Elisha running around Mattaw. (he's got jeans that aren't too short, it was time for laundry though)

Bud with his hippie hair and baby Georgie
More to come...


Julie said...

My nephew Ethan is there with you now. Found your site because of him. Praying for you all. May God greatly bless you and your ministry!

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