09 April 2009

A typical day in our lives

Here are the events of our busy day yesterday.... I woke up and made it to fitness class by 8am. It was floor aerobics. No, not the 80's version with tight spandex and fun music. It's somewhat like a dance workout/aerobics not using the step. Hollie went to pick up the four kids for their Ampath appointment. Then Bud picked me up after my class and we headed to Mattaw. Isaac already took off this week and today Vivian was going to take off and go see her mom with her boys. We also got Caleb and Bud took him to see his guardian to clear up some problems we've been having with the board in Lemoru. Here's the drama of that fiasco in short. The board (i wont say the specific name of who) has been threatening Caleb the past year that they're going to make him go to the village high school and take him out of the one he's in now. He is in a pretty good school. He is top of his class and smart as can be. So we keep assuring Caleb if they do that, we'll continue to pay for him. It's really rediculous actually. Just the mindset of these men (this man). This last break Caleb was on, he was with us until we went to the states. They had given us permission. Then he went to Lemoru and while there they kept telling him to give them money that we were giving him. And we dont give him money but supply all his needs for school (uniform, shoes, medicine when he's been sick, snacks, etc.). So they told him this last time to come to us for school that the budget is too low at the home for him to go to a nice school. So Caleb calls us to tell us all of this, we again (or so we think) get permission for him to come to our home on this break. And then we get a call saying that a certain man on the board is threatening to report us to the police for stealing Caleb! Ha! Then after thinking it through we figure that since we know Caleb has a sponsor through this other home, now that he wont be sponsored through the home they wont get that money. There's so much more drama to this but anywho, that's what we've been dealing with. We know Caleb's uncle well and have been in communication with him. He is going to tell them he's pulling Caleb out of the home. Now they can't mess with his mind and he can securly finish out high school where he is at. Also there's no legal documents that Caleb is in the home there so there's no case against us.

Onto the rest of our day! While Bud took Caleb, Hollie, Elisha and I went to Aiden's birthday. He is the son of our friends from Holland. He turned 3 years old. They just had a baby girl, Leona, so it was fun to hold a 6 week old baby girl. Here we are.... We took a picture a year ago in this same place at Aiden's 2nd birthday but have added a child since... maybe next year we'll add another one

After Bud got back we at lunch at the Coffee shop and then I took Bud to meet and visit Eric. Here's a wonderful picture of him! We were so thrilled to find him today with no swelling on his feet or eyes. If you haven't read Eric's story or seen pictures when we first got him, scroll down a bit to the post titled "meet Eric".

Me lovin on Eric

This is how we found Eric when we walked in the room. Some other missionaries had set up their laptop for him to watch Madagascar 2. His room matched the movie! And this is Boaz. He is in the same room with Eric. Boaz I think lives there, there's no one to take him so the hospital has just kept him.

Then we went out to Lemoru and took Julius and Christabel our there to stay for the weekend. They are the couple that will be house two parents but filling in for Isaac and Vivian while they're on off.
Bud making Noah laugh...

Selma and Rose, Julius and Christabell's daughters. They were super excited to get to come stay with the children and play.

Daisy pushing Eunice on the swing. Euni is doing great! She can almost walk completely normal. I'm sure when she gets the cast off in a few weeks it'll be easier.

John, Geoffrey and Aron being silly

Sweet baby Noah! (not so much a baby anymore, he's about to turn 2!)

And there's our day. From there we went home and made dinner (chicken wings and roast potatoes), watched American Idol and played rummicub. Today we're doing shopping for the home and going out to play with the kiddos. I didn't mean to make this so long! Guess with putting all we've done for a day it has to be long! Thanks for the prayers, especially for Euni and Eric. I'll be seeing sweet little Eric again today. They think he'll be released in two or three days! We have GOT to get house two opened! (we're needing paint, glass in the windows, and furniture for the entire place)
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Joyful Living said...

Wow, amazing to see how fast those kiddos change! Eric looks so much better. Love on him a ton! Praise the Lord for his recovery...for all of these kids' recoveries.

The Beavers said...

so glad to see the pictures of Eric. he looks so much better! He's been on my heart lately! I'm so glad that you guys finally got the playground set up...it looks like the kids have so much fun with it!

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