19 April 2009


Morning y'all! At least to those on this side of the world it's good morning. We're about to head out to church and I had a few minutes to spare. This morning I am teaching my kiddos on baptism. Yesterday we went to a friends house for a bbq. It was fun to eat and hang out with some of the other missionaries around here. I had made a hummingbird cake to bring but unfortunately here is what it turned out looking like...

I had let the cakes cool completely and the icing was perfectly made but somehow when it came to compiling it together, after 5 minutes it got a new name- the pink thing crumble cake! Last night some girls, Hollie and I watched Australia in the gueshouse last night so we enjoyed the cake. No plates or forks required! So instead I made these sweet Texas cookies and some bicuits... (the Texas cookie cutter was an awesome stocking stuffer from my sis-in-law)

Here is Ian, Caleb and Eric enjoying a mango in the kitchen. Eating mangos in the kitchen tends to be a common activity around here.
Usually in the mornings Elisha puts his rainboots on and is out the door. I let him play in whatever he sleeps in since he gets all dirty and then after awhile we put on clothese for the day.

I'm really not sure what he was doing here... I think the dogs wondered the same thing

Off to church we go! More to come....


The Beavers said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog and getting a glimpse of your world there! We love you guys!

Ellemieke said...

hahahaha Joylyn Edwin and me really enjoyned the picture from the hummingbird cake!!!!

Dalene said...

the cake looked like strawberry cake.. what's it supposed to look like? a hummingbird? you mention hummingbird cake a lot. i'm going to google it. i can't believe how tall the boys are.. ian and caleb are almost the same height. take a photo of them with you and bud so i can see how tall they really are.
miss you! wish i was eating mangos in your kitchen!

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