22 April 2009

Church 4/22/08

It has been a busy week of course. I am a bit behind on some picture updates. Our internet has been in and out this week. We are all doing good. Everyone is healed up from being sick except for Todd. Please pray for him, he isn't able to do much and still feeling icky. Sunday I had fun teaching the children on baptism. We're going through material called Kingdom treasures. It starts out teaching the basics of Christianity. Next week is communion so we'll learn about it and then together with the adults have communion.

Elisha is growing fast as ever. I can hardly keep up with him at times! But I am absolutely loving being a mom. He is such a blessing and I can't imagine our life without him. Last night was his first major bonk on the head. I mean, he always is bonkin his head with how adventurous he is with climbing all over. Last night though we turned away from him sitting in his high chair and next thing we knew he fell out of it. He was trying to stand up and climb on the table. Thankfully though there was no concussion. This morning I was washing dishes and hear something and look on the dining room table to find he had pulled a chair out, climbed on it and was sitting on the table trying to get coke. He LOVES soda. I have to keep it out of sight because he knows what it is and is VERY persistent to get it. He is so full of joy though. Last night when some friends came for dinner he was crying from the bonk and one made a comment they had never seen him cry so it must have been serious. We're thankful for a easy going happy kid! Most of his days are spent outside. We're thankful for crocs and rain boots since they slip on easy otherwise out the door he goes with no shoes.

The Lord continues to teach me about discipline. Waking up every morning, praise Him, putting on the spiritual armor (Eph. 6) and filling up. "Do not get drunk but be filled with the Spirit". This scripture is a command but often we focus so much on the do not get drunk part rather than the be filled with the Spirit. The context there is a constant filling. Everyday. Spending time in His presence, just being.

Last night was fund, we had an African dinner. I made chicken pilou, Hollie made samosas and Mercy made chapati's. Our friends Maina and Nicole came over and joined. Nicole is new here. She came through our friend Ryan and will be here at least 3 months. She is going to come out to the property today to visit our home and help paint. We're working towards getting house two painted with glass in the windows and hope to move Julius and Christabell in in a week depending on how fast the money is transferred to furnish it. Then by May 1st hopefully the next bunch are in! Please pray for favor that our registration will go through quickly and the District Children's Officer will come out with a team to approve the home.

Here are some pictures from church this past Sunday...

Noah and Obadiah holding hands


Children singing, this was at the beginning before everyone showed up


Faith and her daughter. She helps me out with the children every Sunday.

Eric, Noah and Euni during color time

Elisha getting his share of coloring, he had green hands by the time we left

Eatin mac and cheese like a big boy

Ready for bed in some pretty stinkin adorable pj's

Yesterday we had Noah's birthday party so I'll be posting pictures from that soon. It was a success! We got Eric some new clothes and shoes, he is SO happy. He is sitting next to me tapping his feet and smiling right now. He is improving tremendously, praise the Lord! Off to painting we go!
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The Beavers said...

what sweet babies!(especially the white one!)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Eric is doing well! Elisha looks so big! And we just saw him a month ago! How are Moses and his family doing? Everyone looks great.. glad you are doing well! I can't wait to see you guys again! I need to get some recipes from you.. cuz I think I'm getting into this cooking thing :) Praying for you!


bob said...

Beautiful "post" - beautiful kids!

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