30 March 2009

Eunice 4/1/09

We're back in Kitale and getting back into a semi-normal routine. Eunice and Georgina are staying with us for a bit just until we can see how Euni is recovering and then we'll take her back out to Mattaw. She is doing great as you can see in the picture. She is happy as ever and recovering pretty fast. They said in a month the medical team would be in Kitale and she can get the cast taken off then. She was going to be given a walker but because of her hand they didn't give her one. When she is 12 yrs. old she'll be getting surgery on her hand. We're are thrilled for her to get the cast off and be able to run around with the rest of the children! Our next task is to figure out what is wrong with her eyes and see if she can get surgery for them. She has a hard time focusing and one of her eyes is pretty bad. Once she stares at something for awhile, they adjust and she can see clearly. As you can imagine, it's hard for her in school to learn. She has the sweetest personality though and is such a brave little girl. The other night she was in a lot of pain and I noticed her trying to fight through it. I looked over a bit later and noticed her praying. Such a young girl with great faith! She knew who to look to for her pain!
This week is packed with a lot of office work and hands on stuff out at Mattaw. We have a daily schedule the children are on and they've kinda slacked on it lately. We're really trying to get a good set of rules and a schedule to set the pace and standard for when house two kids are put in. Speaking of, we are working on getting them put in very soon. We still need the children's department to push our registration through with the government and get each child approved in court. It's a long road but well worth it. Yesterday we went out and met with the church again. It was a beautiful Sunday morning. There is an average of 70 children and 30 adults. There has been a lot of new believers lately and all of them really wanting to get baptized so yesterday we did that. There was about 12 adults and children baptized. It was exciting! Holy Spirit continues to lead and direct Isaac and our staff to those in desperate need of Jesus. It's those burnt out on religion and hypocritical Christians that are coming around. Those that have been shunned by the church because they weren't good enough for one reason or another. A lot of alcoholics turning their lives around. One of those baptized was Moses. He is baby Georgie's father. This is the perfect example of one of our desires for the people around us. Moses was an alcoholic and grew up orphaned. If you've kept up with us then you read about baby Georgie and how his mother just passed away (Moses' wife). Moses was saved the week after his wife passed away. He is radically changed and now has joy beyond measure. Every time we see him he has a huge smile and radiates with the love of Christ. His wife left behind four children, two of them not Moses' but he has taken on the responsibility of being a father to all of them. An absolute miracle. It is really exciting to see. We thought we would be putting them all in the home but after Jesus showed up on the scene, now they have a home to stay in and there is room to put others in Mattaw that are in great need of a home. Moses' children are still coming to our school and doing great. They are still Mattaw children. We teach them, love them, and support them from their home. This is another part of our ministry that we want to build up in the future, having in home sponsorships. We could use a volunteer to come over and run this... anyone interested? (of course there's more details to that but contact us if so!)
During church some catholic missionaries came by. They wanted to visit two of our children, Daisy and Geoffrey. They used to be part of their aids program but it has closed down. They have known these kids since they were very young. I was shocked to hear that Daisy almost died when she was around 5 years old. They said she was in the hospital once a month and they really didn't think she would make it. Wow, this girl has quite a destiny! And the way they described Geoffrey it sounded like how Noah is now. Small, weak, can run a little bit but not much. Noah has improved tremendously since coming into Mattaw but he still needs to be healthier.
Hollie is busy as ever getting all the medical files for each child together. She has been taking those that are sick to the doctor. All of the children seem back to good health. Those under the age of 5 got the vaccine for polio. We're trying to update shot records as well. That is not easy with not knowing much on their background. We're getting there though.
Pray for:
Eunice recovery
all the logistics for opening house two
registration of Mattaw
growth for the new believers
salvation in our village
Isaac and Vivian (house parents)
Our staff
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Clea's Perspective said...

Love all the pictures... Looks like you had a great time with the team now you need to come to Fort Portal for a rest :) We are way looking forward to your visit and i am sure buds hair will look much better in person! See you soon

Emily_Dawn said...


Eunice looks great in her picture! I love that smile. I will pray for your prayer requests, tell everyone we're thinking of them and praying for them. You had mentioned a food program, is that what you mean by the in home sponsorships?


Anonymous said...

You had me in tears reading about Euni and then as I continued to read about Moses and his baptism I had to stop and get a kleenex. I have a picture of Moses holding Gracie with that huge smile and it makes me know how real our God is!!! I experienced more of God in Kitale than I could have possibly imagined. Thanks for doing His work and letting us come and share in it. My prayers have been with all of you since we left Mattaw and will continue---

Bud & Kimberly and Elisha said...

No the in home sponsorship program will be different than the feeding program. It would assist children like nelima and juma. No parents but can live where they came from. The feeding program will feed children that come from poor families I.e single parent homes that can't feed their child everyday

Krissie Dum said...

Bud and Kimberly,

Thank you for keeping us updated on Euni's recovery. She definately is close to the heart of God. I will never be the same again after spending time at Mattaw. God is working there and I'm so excited for the people of Kitale. My girls, MaKensey and Reagan are trying to raise money to come next time. Tell the kids they pray for them every night. I am praying for you 2 also. You're awesome!

For Him,
Krissie (Joplin)

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