14 February 2009

Elisha's Birthday Party in San Angelo

Ok so this is 6 weeks late but I finally got them up! On January 6th, Hollie, with the help of her mom, threw Elisha a birthday party. We had a small one in Kenya, but not many people were around. We were so thankful to have this one! It was a ton of fun and surprisingly a lot of people showed up. Elisha had a blast and as you will see, his favorite part was the cake!

Linda, Elisha, me and Sophie (Lauren's baby)

Sophie and I!

Elisha and I in front of his birthday cake table

Present time... Elisha had a lot of little helpers

Happy Birthday


Here's a play by play of what happend with the cake:

"hmm... what is it mom? looks fun, can I touch it?"

"this?" (thats him looing for my aproval to dig in)

"not so sure about it but I'll try a bite"
"now i've got an audience, look mom, I touched it! you guys think I should really dig into it?"

"oh yeah, this is a great birthday cake"

"taadaa!! I am one years old now and full of tricks like this!"

"you wanna hold me now?!"

We're in Austin for our big race tomorrow. Gail Dempsey was so sweet to drive us and let us stay with her daughter in Austin. Oh and Happy Valentines Day to you all! Yesterday we checked in and drove the course of the 1/2 marathon. Um, yeah, intimidating! There are a lot of hills. The first 3 miles is uphill! But we'll make it. I'm so thankful to have Bud by my side doing this. It'll be an excellent accomplishment. There is, I think, around 14,000 people running the 1/2! Pray for endurance for us and that we would finish. Linda came with us and will hang out with Gail at the finish line. Tonight they're going to a play that one of Gail's daughters is behind the scenes working on. As for Bud and I, well, actually it's a surprise. I'm not sure what we're doing tonight for v-day but (I think) Bud has something planned. I'll update you on how the race goes sometime next week.


The Beavers said...

I can't wait to hear how the race went! You guys are amazing!

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