26 December 2008

Meet Baby Georgie

Hey its been awhile! We currently dont have internet in our house and havent for the past week. We don't plan to turn it back on until we get back to Kenya. This past week has been absolutely nutty. We've been running around so busy. It now Friday, the day after Christmas, and we're going to Nairobi tomorrow to prepare to leave for the U.S.! Ah! We're very excited to go home for a bit but don't feel ready. I guess there's always something to get done so now is as good as ever to leave. Isaac and Vivian, our house parents, went on holiday to their home in Lemoru this past weekend so that they could be back for Christmas with their new children. They went for four nights so we kept all the children at our house. It was chaos! But as always so much fun. Next year we'll have more house parents and Aunties that can trade off watching children so that they can go on holiday. This blog is about our newest baby Georgie.

Sunday morning I stayed home with the children while Bud went out to meet with the church at our property. During the church service one of our staff came in late with a very frantic look on her face. Bud went outside to ask her whats up. He found out that not far from Mattaw, the neighbor to Constance had passed away. It was a woman who has four children. She passed away in her sleep and the next morning they found her dead with Georgie trying to drink milk from her. Our social worker has been to find out more of the story. He found out that she had been sick for weeks and was on medication. A few days before she died, the man who lived with her (Georgie's dad), had stolen some things and when the people he stole from came to beat him, he was away so they beat the woman. They are a very poor family and we found out the children had barely eatin anything in a week. The man had sold most of their food to buy alcohol. When our social worker, Humphrey, went to visit them and find out the story he talked with the father and led him to the Lord!!! Praise God! On Sunday when Bud found out about all of this he called and told me. We both knew we had to go rescue Georgie. Usually when a mother dies and leaves a baby behind, the aunt comes and takes the baby. In this culture, for the most part, men have nothing to do with their children, especially babies. The dad wont carry the baby and usually the mom will sleep in a seperate bed. This family comes from Uganda and has no family. They have moved five times in the past two years. They had just moved into this little one room mud hut four days before the mom died. In most cases what would have happend is Georgie would have been abandond. Or the dad would have left and the children would have had to care for themselves and the baby. The other children are Juma who is 10 yrs old, Nelima who is 5 yrs old, and Gracie who is 2 yrs old. They all looked much smaller than their age. These three children all have different fathers and there's no way of knowing who or where they are. So now in this culture these children are labeled as orphan. The father to Georgie is still there in the mud hut. We've been supplying them with food and clothes so at least they can be cared for until Mattaw can take them in. We're finished with house two and just need to get Bryson and Nelly moved in. When we come back to Kitale in March we'll but children in. They will be our first to welcome home. Yesterday for Christmas when we went to pick up our children we also went and got these three. They were incrediby happy to come spend Christmas day with us. Georgie is doing great. The nights have not been all that great. I quickly forgot that part of being a mom. We thought Georgy was 3 months old but he is 5 1/2 months old. He quickly adjusted to a bottle and formula. He is such a happy baby. He is so chubby too. Just a little chocolate rollie pollie! We are absolutely in love with him and wish we could bring him with us to the U.S. Thankfully Violet will be caring for him while we're gone. She is Elisha's nanny. We're able to just keep paying her what we usually do and she'll take Georgie home and care for him while we're away. The first day she came and met Georgie she jokingly said 'let me have him!'. So later that day I asked if she'd consider caring for him while we're away. Her youngest at home is 5 and oldest is 16. All her children are excited for Georgie to come stay with them. We're praying about what to do when we come back. House two parents have a baby the age of Elisha and we'll also be putting Noah in their house so they might have enough little boys. If so, we'll take care of Georgie until house three is finished which should be sometime next year. Here's some pictures of Georgie...
Bud cuddlin with Georgie while he sleeps. This was just a few hours after we brought him home. I bathed him and put some clean warm clothes on him.
Georgie on day two. He is such a smiley happy baby.
Just precious as can be! He's been wearing Elisha's old clothes.
Noah loved paying with Georgie. He kept wanting to pick him up. No longer is Noah the baby! Elisha loves to poke at Georgie and laugh with him but when it comes to mom hold him, no way, not a good thing for Eli! Oh and if you're wondering where Noah's hair went.... we made snowflakes with the children one day and i left to go change Eli's diaper, came back, and found Sharon had given him a haircut. It was awful! I was really looking forward to growing out a little fro for Noah. Oh well, start all over.

I'll post a Christmas blog now...

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