02 June 2008

Back in Texas and doing GREAT. Every step we make and every trip we take, God always confirms its His ordained purpose. Last night i went to a bible study at the Wilson's house here in San Angelo. An amazing woman of God, Brandy, is teaching the study. Its glory school by Patricia King. In all honesty if the only reason we came back to the states was so i could go to the bible study last night then is was WELL worth it! I was in desperate need for a touch from Jesus and that i got last night... and more. This morning i was on Patricia King's website and found the devotion below. It goes right on with what the Lord is teaching me and giving me a burning desire for. I wont type more because I'd rather you have the time to read whats below. Its lengthy but GOOD! I emphasized the bold parts.

A new level of burning is coming. God’s love for His people is inspiring a passionate response that is causing an entire generation to cry out for the flames of His love, because nothing else satisfies . As we allow His love to consume us, and everything in us that is not of Him, these flames of passion will begin to light fires that not only burn in our hearts, but turn us into torches of blazing light that draw those who do not yet know Him to the flames of His presence. I have seen visions of believers who have allowed God to search them, separate them, and so consume them with the fires of His holy love that they spontaneously burst into heavenly flames of His presence. As these “human torches” arise and shine, going forth into the streets and communities of their cities and villages, people turn from their paths, come running up to them, and ask, “What is this flame that does not burn you? What is this fire that radiates off of you? What is this warmth?” And as these fiery ones extend their hands, the flames of God’s passion for His creation that they carry so brightly begins to ignite others, drawing them into the inferno of His heart, consuming every work of the enemy. The sick are healed. The blind see. The deaf hear. The dead are raised. Demons flee. And entire cities and villages call upon the name of the Lord, receiving the love of Jesus into their hearts and declaring Him as Lord of their lives. It is time to arise and shine. It is time to let the Lord search us and consume us. It is time to cry out for His holy fire to come and ignite our hearts with a new level of passionate response to His love, embracing His fiery presence and carrying it out to a world that desperately needs to know this God who so dearly loves it.

Devotional Teaching: Encountering the Heart of GodIn Exodus 3 we read the story of Moses encountering the burning bush. When Moses saw this blazing fire he was not seeking a sign, a wonder, or even a get-away with God. He was simply going about his everyday business, tending the flock. But when God allowed His burning heart for His people to manifest as a blazing fire, Moses could not help but respond. In Exodus 3:3 we read that Moses felt compelled to turn aside. When he did, he had a powerful God-encounter that forever changed his image of himself and launched him out into a miracle ministry that delivered an entire people group from bondage and suffering. He was set ablaze with God’s heart for the Israelites, and he burned with God’s purpose to see them set free. This revelation of God’s love for His people fueled Moses to press in again and again, moving in the miraculous and expecting the impossible, until he saw it come to pass.God is always with us (Joshua 1:5). He is always near. And He is always waiting for us to turn aside from the thoughts and concerns of the world, and move into His powerful presence (James 4:8). When we do, just like Moses, we will step out of the everyday and into the holy. We will go from our limited understanding to the revelation that all things are possible. The key is to connect with the burning heart of God and let it set us ablaze with a passion for what He is passionate about. It does not matter where you have been. It does not matter who you have been. All that matters is that God is calling out, waiting for those to respond who are willing to be His fiery ones. He is searching to and fro for men and women who will turn aside from where they have been and come to the place of the burning bush, the place of His fiery passion, where He can set them ablaze with His heart and send them forth for His purpose.God Wants to Make Us Flames of FireThe Lord wants to bring us to the place of the burning bush, the place where we encounter His fiery passionate love. Not only so we know how loved we are, but so that we realize how loved all the world is (John 3:16). This revelation is what enables us to surrender all. It allows us to love and trust Him so completely that we lay down our agendas, turn aside from the everyday, and launch out into the miraculous. It is what ignites us to be His flames of fire that burn so the world might know His light.When we allow God to set us ablaze with His heart for the lost, we truly become burning ones – carrying His passion and presence to a world that does not yet know Him. We go from the place of the burning bush where we encounter His love, to being burning bushes that carry His love. As we blaze with His love, shining brilliantly with the gifts and fruits of the Spirit that witness that love to the world, many will be drawn from the paths they have been on into encounters with the Holy One! Many will be healed. Many will be delivered. Many will be saved. John Wesley once said, “I set myself on fire and people come to watch me burn.” John the Baptist was a burning man in the desert and all of Judea and the district of the Jordan were drawn to him to hear about Jesus (see Matthew 3:5). And Scripture tells us that the day is near when God will send out an army of those who will move in flame and fire (Joel 2:2–3). Do you want to be one of them? Then go to the place of the burning bush – the place of His presence – where you will encounter the fiery passion of God for you and for all of creation. Cry out for the Holy Spirit and fire to turn you into a “human torch” that shines Jesus brightly for all the world to see. Flame on!

Wahoo! Ready to go back to Kenya as a torch for Jesus' love....

This is indeed what i was created for,


Erhardts said...

Wow-what a huge encouragement to us! Thanks for sharing that devotional...it really hit home for us...

We cannot wait to spend time with you guys in Kenya. We hope that the rest of your time in Texas is a huge blessing and you get lots of quality time with family and you are sent back refreshed!

In Him,

the chans said...

Wow -That is powerful. . . I will pray this for you. Pray it for us as well. . . . We are looking forward to seeing you and serving alongside you here. See you next week!
I understand your made for this feeling . . . .

the chans said...

Hey Kim, thanks for the devotional thoughts. I recently was reading Tozer's "Pursuit of God" where he speaks of the strange way we approach the altar, even with sacrifices, and yet no one wonders where the fire is! This is a call to rekindle the fire, and we desperately need it!

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