26 February 2008

Coming Back

We are headed back to Kenya this Friday on February 29th and we will land in Nairobi on March 2nd. We are so excited to be getting back!! Even though it looks like the peace talks might be failing we are still confident this is the Lords timing and this is when we are supposed to be heading back. We will be bringing a friend, Hollie, along with us who will be staying with us for 3 months. She just got back from spending a few months in Mozambique with Iris Ministries so we are excited to have her with us.

We just got back from spending the weekend before last with our new ministry the IMAGINE network in Mcallen, Texas. its way way down in south Texas. Imagine stands for International Mobilization and Global Impact Network, we moved under them in Jan and are very very happy to be working with them. During the weekend their church Calvary Baptist, hosted a weekend AIDS experience by World Vision. and its was absolutely amazing, it was the most complex setup i have ever seen. It took up their entire gym and it looked like a huge maze with 4 different routes with each one being a different child, you went through with a ipod and listened to the childs story and seeing pictures and actual setups of bedrooms and shops with all African props. It was really cool to all the things they had and how they all smelled exactly like Africa, it was a real comforting experience kind of feeling back at home again!! The exhibit really gave people the chance to see and hear what these children deal with everyday. and at the end we were able to set up a table for Mattaw Childrens Village and give out info to people and sell some crafts and try to introduce people to our project to get them involved. below is a picture of us sitting at the table. you can see our new shirts hanging on the wall behind us!! yeah our own shirts!!!! we'll be back in Kenya in a matter of days, we are soooo excited... more to come soon



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