29 December 2007

1st BLOG!!!!!

Greetings from the Huffmans!!! this is the very first post on our new blog, we decided its better if we can try and write blogs instead of trying to write email updates. Well his a quick history of the Huffman family.

Kimberly was the first to live in Kenya. She moved here in May of 2005, to work in a small childrens home in Lemoru, just outside of Eldoret. She and Julie Mustard became the Managers of the home of 45 orphans. I (Bud) moved to Kenya the year after (July of 2006). We left the home in Lemoru in mid Oct for Kitale. We were married on Jan 13th 2007 and got pregnant a few months later and our son Elisha David Huffman was born at 3 O'clock in the afternoon on Dec 6th 2007. GREATEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!!!! We are currently in the States, West Texas to be exact, been here since August and plan to be returning to Kenya sometime in Feb.

We are making a small move and going under a new organization called The Imagine Network. We are currently in Phase One of the construction of Mattaw Childrens Village. Our mission or should i say our main mission is to house orphans and grow them into Men and Women of Christ who will be the future leaders of the world. Mattaw is the Hebrew word "planting of the Lord" coming from the passage in Isaiah 61 talking about being Oaks of Righteousness. Our vision is to open childrens villages all over Africa. Notice how i said Villages, We are not building orphanages but homes making up their own villages we plan to have 8-12 children in each home with a set of house parents, with 6-8 houses making up a cell, each village will have its own Church, Clinic, and school as well. We are also trying to find ways of making these villages self sustaining so they aren't solely relying on overseas support. Each of the house parents will have jobs in the village and will all have a part to play in the running of the home. We will be there to be the directors of the villages and opening new villages.

thats all i can think of now ........... more to come


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