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I always go to type these out, read them in a few months and don't like what I wrote.  But here you go in short:

This blog is mostly about our everyday lives in Kenya written from Kimberly's point of view, the mom of the Huffman family. There is a mix of Mattaw updates (the children's village that we've started), some random thoughts, and mostly of our children, Elisha and Claire (it keeps the grandparents happy!). We're absolutely nutty about them so at times it'll be just about them.  My desire is to keep it real.  Life is hard here sometimes but we chose it and we're given JOY as an inheritance from Jesus.  So I like to bring out the good in all we do.  We want to rejoice in the victories Jesus continues to bring.  I don't want to paint this pretty perfect missionary life we live but Jesus has provided an abundant life for us.  It may not be easy sometimes, but it can be joyful in the midst of every hardship.

Before coming to Africa, I would always see the sad, desperate side of everything.  You know, all those pictures of malnourished children with bloated bellies, flies in their eyes and porridge running down their face?  Although there are many like that and it is very much a reality, there's another side too.  A place of hope and restoration for these children and that's the picture I hope to post more of.  Just as we were once orphaned and looked desperate in our sin and muck, we are now on the other side of the cross.  Jesus died and conquered the grave so that we too can live.  We can stay focused on the past with the bloated bellies, starving and little beggars or we can freely come before Jesus as his victorious bride and smile with joy for all he has provided for us.  

If you're interested in reading more about Mattaw you can go to: www.mattawchildren.com. We're on a journey with Jesus. Our calling is to love the one in front of us which usually is rescuing orphans in Kenya, Africa. We come from the most ordinary backgrounds but have been on a crazy journey with Jesus, who has brought us to a place where we know we were created to be.  If you want to really long version you can go to the link below....


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